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Cub 71 questions

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Feb 5, 2022
So the 70 i went and picked up ended up being a 71. made june 66. it runs but its rough. i'm going to limp it along for a while and see if i can find either a better k161 or a k241 for it and do a clutch at the same time. so i have a couple of questions regarding that.

will a k241A bolt right in as a replacement for the 181S?

Is the starter/gen on the k161 sufficient for the k241? they look pretty much the same to me but have different model numbers.

On this 71 the governor does not ever allow the tractor to throttle all the way up. it will go a lot faster if i move the governor lever manually. i realize a governor is keeping it from reving too high but this one never seems to go to full throttle like my 100. the governor/throttle linkage has obviously been mucked with at some point along with quite a bit of other stuff. pretty typical i suppose.

on this 71 there is a hole in the dash below the ignition switch and the ignition turns the tractor on unlike my 100 that has a button to the left of the key. any idea what this hole was for?

thanks as always.

Here is a link to Kohler‘s free download of the service manuals. You should be able to set/check the governor according to the instructions included there. Enter K161 in the box on the left, and the service manual and owner’s manual downloads will pop up at the bottom.


Or use the procedure from the FAQs:

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The 71 is the third series of cub cadets made from 65' to 67.' The 70 and 100 were made from 63' to 65.' This is why the ignition switch is different.
The governor arm may need adjusting to get your throttle speed up. This info is on question #22 in the FAQ section.

I would bet if you cleaned up the motor, put a kit in the carb, and adjusted everything to specs, it would run like a top!
As for the hole below the key switch, it is for a cigarette lighter. Smoking was cool back in those days. :errrr:

DSCF4131.JPG lighter.JPG
thanks marty. i guess the hole was there whether you got the lighter or not?

this one is in need of more than a carb kit. more like a complete motor and clutch rebuild. it blows smoke and leaks oil but the previous owner said it has done that for 20 years. maybe not a good thing. i am going to accumulate some parts for it like fenders, seat, etc and might even re-motor it with a K241 if i find a decent one reasonably priced. this thing is rough but straight. i know i will probably eventually spend more than its worth to make it nice but i don't really care. i just started on these cubs and this one will be a project.

does anyone know if a k241 will bolt up to replace the k161? i think i read somewhere that it would.
on that note, i have a 241AS that the piston doesn't move up and down. figured it was a busted rod. in the case of that, is there a common place that the block would crack when that happens or is it usually pretty obvious in the cylinder?
Actually figured out that my 241 doesn't have a busted rod. i thought i was seeing the top of the piston through the plug hole but it wasn't. i pulled the head and the piston and valves move fine. cylinder looks good with no slop in the piston. really wasn't bad on carbon but head gasket is shot. i did notice that its a 10 over piston so it must have been redone at some point in the past. now i need a 10hp starter/gen, front pulley, tank, wiring harness and carb rebuild and this one might be a candidate for the 71.
timely. i just got my first one with a creeper and was wondering the same thing

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