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Cadet 382

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Dec 29, 2008
bradley schoeffling
just picked up a yellow/white cub cadet 382. can`t seem to find alot of info on this unit. model# shows 111 cadet, ser.# 0350025u041301. model# on engine is 252707, briggs/stratton. any info as far as year, hp 11? it is a 3 speed, and says IH on tag. thanks!
Does your tractor have a 382 decal on it? Based on the sereal no. and model no. which you listed it would seem to be a very early model 1978 111 which was an 11HP lawn tractor produced by IHC in 1978 and 1979. To the best of my knowledge (Someone please correct me if I am wrong) the 111 was powered by an 11HP Briggs engine and had a 3spd Peerless transmission. The tires were 13x5.00-6 front and 18x9.50-8 rear. It had electric start and was belt driven like all lawn tractors. The deck should be a 36" two blade. I believe that you could get a 36" Sno-Blower and a 42" blade for this tractor as well as various pull behind items (none to be ground engaging) You can obtain owners manuals and shop manuals in reprint form from various dealers most of whom sell on E-Bay. This tractor is the successor to the 76 and the 81 and the predecessor to the 182, and 382 Gear drive tractors. The 80, 282?, and 382Hydro models were all hydrostatic drive models. Some things changed when CCC took over in May 1981 even though the model numbers stayed the same for a couple of years. I am not as familiar with the CCC lawn tractors. Hope this helps some.
thanks to both of you guys for the information, mine doe's have the 382 decal on the hood. it is back by the counsel and is kind of hard to read. like the white one pictured. it doe's not say cadet like the red one, except on the tag for model#. I'm glad to hear it was built in 1978 by IH, hope to get some pictures on here to see if anyone else has one of these 111 382 cadets! thanks again guys!
Oops, I just noticed that I posted the wrong second page for the 382.
Here's the correct second page:

hi guys! here's some pics. of the 1978 382, that say's 111 on the model#. not quite as pretty as the previous pics, but this one is fresh out of a scrap pile! the deck is in pretty nice shape also.i might be missing the hangers for it, not sure. anyone with pics of the deck assembly? thanks again!


I am going to go out on a limb here and if I am incorrect would someone please set me straight. Your decal reads Cub Cadet. I would say that someone replaced the decals on your tractor and in the process mistakenly put 382 decals on a 111 Tractor. My reason for this is that to the best of my knowledge IH NEVER refered to their lawn tractors as Cub Cadets. They were always called Cadets and the decals read rhat way also. My 382 and my 80 both read Cadet on their side decals. The decals in your picture look like 108-169 Cub Cadet garden tractor decals which could easily have been obtained along with the 382 decals. Please look at the decals on the 111 tractor in the picture which Kraig posted. I will try to take a couple of close up pictures of my tractor with the deck installed and post them for you.
Loren, Bradley, it's entirely possible that the hood on that 111 was swapped out. I seem to recall that CCC built some Yellow and White 382 Cadets and may have even called them Cub Cadets. Perhaps Myron knows more.


I did find this:

Bradley, does the emblem on the lower grill look like an IH or like the "nested" CCC:


the front emblem is missing, after replacing float in carb and fixing the sloppy front axle, this little guy runs and drives good. i think it will make for a nice piece to a collection, even with the briggs and belt! thanks again

i still think it was built by IH, you can see the decal better in this picture. any one with more info. or pictures of yours?
Bradley, as I mentioned below, I believe that the hood may have been swapped out and that is why the hood says "Cub Cadet" and "382" instead of "Cadet" and "111". Being fiberglass, the hoods on these are very easy to damage. The S/N plate would be harder to swap out and not so likely to have been swapped, so that would be the indicator to trust. As Loren mentioned, it is most likely an 111 built in early 1978 by <FONT COLOR="ff0000">I</FONT><FONT COLOR="000000">H</FONT>.



Here's a couple pictures of the deck hardware, The two little pins in the front mounting plate are not correct it should have one long pin going all the way across. Looks like someone replaced your hood with a newer 382 hood. That IH sticker on the back below your vin. is a dead giveaway. If it were a cub cadet built 382 that sticker would be CCC. neither of my little ones has the deck on right now but I could put one on tomorrow for you if that will help.

Here is a picture of my two sitting side by side. The red one is an IH built 182 see the IH in the front of the hood, The yellow and white one is a cub cadet built 383 hydro, you can see the ccc on the front of the hood on it. The red one is an 81' and the 383 is an 82'. The red one was one of the last tractors built by IH before they sold out and the yellow and white one was one of the first built by ccc after they bought out IH. I have more pictures of both if you need a picture of something. I also have a 111 owners manual I could scan into my computer and email you if you would like. Let me know.
here's my deck, missing the two flat hanger pieces? the other one is for a wide frame cub cadet. 44" is for sale. this is the 111 today after we put a seat and minor tuning! thanks for all the info guys!!



Your deck looks to be in good shape. That is good news. I might have a spare set of hangers for a lawn tractor deck. I will look and let you know.