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Archive through July 18, 2012

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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5 Cub Cadets that are all sitting out around the house here. 2 run, 2 more can run, 1 for parts. $1200 takes all. Would prefer to sell as one big lot but will sell separately. May also do some partial trading to help a deal go through. Cat 0 implements, a diesel project of any brand (not expecting a mint CC diesel for my asking price obviously).

149 that runs and includes snow blade. Very minor TLC (maybe an hour or two tops) and you have a nice tractor to use. I currently use it and the blade around the house no problems.
129 pretty well complete. Motor missing carb/starter/etc. and has broken rod. I have drove this tractor in the past month and the hydro is all good.
104 that I've been fixing up in my spare time (fixing up, not refurbishing). Running cutting tractor with 38" deck. One front tire leaks and shifter is loose. Good straight one you could restore.
104 parts tractor. Good rear end if you just want to swap shifters. This is strictly a parts tractor.
100 missing a few externals like carb and starter. Very straight hood and sheet metal if you want to restore a nice 100. Good clutch, rear end, steering, 38" deck. I have cut with this one within the past month or so. Will need some parts to complete for a restoration. Big battery box.

I will sell these separate and if interest is there will sell parts off of them if that's the only way they'll leave. I strongly prefer not to knock the running ones in the head but again they all have to leave sooner or later. I have 13 right now. You'll also get a small pile of extra parts with these like hoods, seat, parts 44A deck, other stuff. Just email with interest.
For sale: Haban Model 402-D Sickle Bar Mower attachment for Cub Cadet tractors.
Works great and in good condition. Drive shaft bushings are in excellent condition.

Used it two summers ago and then stored it in the shed due to selling all my working Cubs. As you can see in the photos, I had to make a pivot pipe. The original was long gone before I bought the mower. I used the thick walled pipe (schedule 40?) and designed it similar to the original. You can't see it but there is even a rubber joint to cancel vibration. It works great!

Send me a note if you have questions or need a specific picture. Located in Plainfield, IN 46168 if you want to see it in person. You can also leave me a message at 317-837-0080. I'll return the call ASAP.

$350.00 firm


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For sale: Narrow frame blade. Hasn't been used much, thats still original paint on the front of the blade. One of the photos was taken from the back side of the blade to show the wear strip has life left and has not been turned yet.

Located in Plainfield, IN 46168 Send a note or call 317-837-0080



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For Sale:
1967 Model 123 Hydro

I bought this as a parts tractor but just couldn't scavenge it. The previous owner was not very handy as you can see by some of the "repairs". It was running when I bought it but smoked like a chimney. I know the pump and trans are solid. I could pull the front wheels off the ground even with the tired old engine. I replaced the cork gasket between the pump and trans and rebuilt the trunion. Removed rear cover plate cleaned gunk out and replace fluid and gasket. I removed the engine for repairs to the drive shaft and hub then it sat for two years. Last night I assembled most of it just so I could sell it. There are some very good parts on here plus the parts I was gathering for the big rebuild. The tank (for a K241) and battery are from the PO. The seat is just sitting up there it is cracked maybe even garbage but thought I'd keep it. I have the seat studs if you want to attempt a repair.
Send a note or call 317-837-0080



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<font color="ff0000"><font face="verdana,arial,helvetica"><font size="+2">THE SICKLE MOWER HAS BEEN SOLD!!!</font></font></font>

<font color="000000"><font face="times new roman,times,roman"></font>Now I'm crying the "no sickle bar" blues.</font>}

I didn't think picture placement would matter in this section. I know better now.
It really saddens me! I was saving that for my 71 if I ever get her done. I just have bigger dreams than I have buildings. I'm clearing everything out, except the 71.
62 Original recoil start
Needs alot of attention but is pretty much all there. Has the original K161-T engine that starts right up and runs good. Trans is good. Includes another correct rewind starter complete with mounting flange, and a complete spring trip snowblade. $500.00 Firm. Located in Central Indiana.