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Archive through July 12, 2018

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Jun 22, 2002
Park Rapids Mn.
Summer time fun!
Charlie - "Summer Time Fun", well don't we need a video with music to go with that?

And by the way, did you get a multi-ton press yet to use on that UD-6. If I were you I'd just take it someplace instead, so you could blame any problem on them
Kraig looks kinda snazzy on the 125 with shades!

I've got a press ordered and one the way, If it's gonna get broke, I'm going to do the breakin!

That hiller kit sounds good. Looks like Steve found the ticket.
That setup works fine making new rows.

One thing though; with only around 8 inches of clearance, that would probably not work when the crops start growing.
When everything starts growing, I take a cultivator and put a layoff blade on one end and go down each side.

One of those hillers would also work on one end.
Probably better than the layoff blade would. Might have to get one of those myself!


What is Kraig doing with chains on in the summer? Must be some swampy terrain nearby.
i see what you guys are saying but the problem is the shank will not work in the brinly clamps as they are 3/4 not 1 3/16 whish is what the agri supply hiller kits
Charlie, wow, that was from September of 2000 up at the family cabin.

Marty, my father and I were reroofing the old section of the cabin and using the 125 to haul shingles and for hauling firewood from around the 40 acres. The soil up there is very sandy and loose the chains were for extra traction.
I think Agri-Supply was started in Garner NC. I know I use to live about a mile from the store when it was maybe a 100' x 80' building on Hwy 70 just east of Raleigh in Garner. That was in the mid 70s. It is now a building several acres big located right behind the old building. It's one heck of a toy store for sure. You name it, more than likely they have it. Of course, only about 1% of their stock (guessing) is made in America. You know where the rest comes from. One thing I know for sure is I have spent a lot of money/time there.

I now live about 40 minutes away and have an Agri-Supply list I keep. I buy most of my hardware there, certain tools, lawn mower blades (great selection), and most anything related to farming/gardening needs. They also have anything related to axles, hitches, jacks, trailers, etc. I have two leaf springs on my list for the trac-vac I plan to build one day. I plan the trip with a friend and we usually just make a day of it. One can easily spend two hours just walking around the store. There's a restaurant close by called "Toot and Tell It" that has a good country food buffet and we try and eat there. The restaurant was also there when I lived in Garner so it's been around for quite a while. And yes, we use to call it "poot and smell it" for laughs. If you know who Scotty McCreery is he is from Garner but he wasn't even a twinkle in his parents eyes when I was there.

Oh, is it OTF??? I do see it's the 13th.

Speaking of NLA's ..
Replacing the starter on a '95 E350 Ford 460.. One of the bolts seized and broke (luckily broke in the starter, not the bell housing). Bolts are 3/8 but have a 1/2 hex head with a shoulder and lock washer. Tight location on the back bolt, a 9/16 socket won't fit. Called Ford dealer, bolts are NLA, found two at a dealer 30 miles away. 90+ degrees today, perfect for a 60 mile ride. Bolts list for 16 bucks apiece per the counter guy, he charged me 8 bucks, said his cost.. Nice day for a ride..
Gerry, wow. At least the guy gave you a deal on them.

I used to have a 1980 Mercury Capri, it was the low production Turbo RS model. It had lots of special parts. It had an inline fuel filter/check valve near the fuel tank that was unique to the turbo model. It went NLA back in around 1987 it had special threads or at least they sure seemed special as I was never able to find anything that matched it. I sold the car to Wyatt C. back around 2004 and he sold it to some guy in Iowa a few years ago. Wonder how it's doing.
Kraig - my dad bought a new '79 Turbo Cobra Mustang , Red.. My son bought it in '80 or '81, drove for a long time, sits in his driveway now. Lots of rust

I got the driveshaft for the 127, and other parts yesterday.

Thanks a lot!!

I finally got the lawn sweeper assembled and ready to go. I've never used one of these critters so I'm just hoping for the best. It will be used for grass clippings mainly but I plan to try it on sweet gum balls and pine cones too.


That's the lean mean grass cutting 149 in the background.

Nice setup Wayne. Nice cubs too.

Pine is my least favorite tree, and sweet gum is pretty close.
A chainsaw would fix that!
What did you kill Marty???

Cub, Cub, Cub...

Did you think this slow day was your fault?

Cub, cub, cub....

Nah, everyone must be out with the significant other. Cub. Cub, cub...
Cub shed from 2001...has officially been upgraded to Cub Barn 2018!!! Just finished trim this evening...

First 12x20, then 6x20 addition, then 10x20 addition....28x20 in final state, only thing it needs is a milking parlor!





Steve that's awesome!

I was out trying to make a deal on a pile of cubs, and replacing a big truck drive shaft. Not sure what will happen, at least a 106, 109 and 1x5, incomplete besides other bits and pieces of??