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Adding a sleeve hitch to my 1250?

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Dustin Wilson

Well-known member
May 26, 2022
Hi there,

I’d love to add a sleeve hitch to my 1250. Would this be a relatively easy thing to do, or would it be too costly, cumbersome, etc?

I’d rather have a 3-pt. Hitch, but that sounds costly.


Wide frame or narrow frame Cub?
What do you plan on using it for?
If for tiller use all you need is the IH 3 point setup and a tiller pin
None of it will be cheap.

If you have a rear blade, rake or moldboard plow in in mind you will need both as these implements utilize the sleeve hitch used in conjunction with the 3 point.

Sleeve hitch won't do you any good without the IH 3 point.
1st things first
Oh, bummer. I have a wide frame. Would like to plow a small garden in a couple of years, but maybe I should just buy a walk-behind tiller!

Xtreme Motorworks, a sponsor above has awesome products, and offers category 0, and sleeve hitch components, but you will still need to find an original IH casting If you decide on a sleeve hitch. Shop, and drool there to try to get an idea of what the components are, and what you want.

Don’t worry about cumbersome with a sleeve hitch. They are a good close fit-now a category 0 is another story.

Good luck with your project. Once you get it together, you can bring it to the Plow Day in October in central IL... If any of us can still afford gasoline by then.
I don't know if you'd be impressed with a plow. I remember my dad had one for our 122 and we never used it...ended up in the scrap pile.
I've wanted a tiller for my 1450 for awhile now but then I really got to thinking about it...while it would be nice to have, it would take more time for me to attach it then it would to do my small garden. Then take it off and store it...plus, I'd only use it twice a year.
Don't get me wrong, if I happen to come across one for a steal, I'll take it in a heartbeat, but realistically, I'd probably just get a small walk-behind and use that.
Where a tiller would be ideal is for large gardens or multiple ones (friends, family and neighbors).
Just my 2 cents...
Seems like plows would work well with the sleeve hitch. The plow travels in an arc, so it could regulate its depth pretty reliably. When it tries to go too deep, the point automatically comes up and likewise, when first going in the ground, the point is down, to suck in nicely.
For small tractors, it looks like a good setup, but my experience with it is limited.
Yeah, type of ground would play a major role in it. Here we have clay and limestone. I just remember that it didn't dig in well and when it did, it'd cause the 122 to lose traction. But I was just a little runt at the time so setup may not have been correct. 🤔
Another option would be a cultivator. I've thought about that and feel it might do a pretty good job around here.
Again, soil type would play a big role...like they say, "your results may vary" 😎
Yeah, you can just tell how unimpressed these guys are with their plows and GT's!!

I believe the closer the plow is to the tractor, the better it would work. My neighbors, built garden tractors years ago and were always building equipment. They were especially ate up with plows, building them right up til the last year. (when the one brother died) I know they were always tucking the plow up as close as they could.
Not sure if there was a need for the plow and sleeve hitch to be that "stretched out" but I'd like to shorten it up and see how it goes. The "arc" would be shortened, and make it even more sensitive to up and down travel. Should suck into the ground better and as it tries to go too deep, the point would pitch up, regulating the depth. As I see it.
Is this the type of sleeve hitch you had in mind? Someone here makes these.


  • IMG_20211226_105811.jpg
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  • IMG_20211226_105557.jpg
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This is close to what the sleeve hitch should look like. This one is on a 100.

DSCF0802.JPG sleeve hitch.JPG

What mostly regulates the depth achieved, is the adjustment handle that angles the plow blade. This handle is circled in the following pic.

DSCF0805 (2).jpg plow.jpg
With that Xtreme Motorworks Cat 0 3-point I'd be able to run full size general tractor implements, right? Not just International cub cadet implements?
Category 0 implements can vary on pin size, depending on brand.
Aside from some strength, the 3 point doesn't offer any advantage and may actually not work as well on the garden tractor size units.