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Added a 149 to the collection today.

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Jul 1, 2010
Mike Tener
I drove to Evansville IN. this am to pickup a 149. Not sure what the condition is. After my project of using the blade to push dirt, I realize the value of having a tractor dedicated to the blade and having one with the mowing deck . I know it has a flat tire and no battery. It did turn over and attempt to fire with a jump pack. Will take some photos and look up the SN this weekend.
Good for you Mike!
Started working with the new to me 149. Serial Number 487718 was built in Oct Nov of 1973 if I am reading the chart right. It does run, but its not charging the battery (dies when you disconnect battery)...it also stalls when going up a small hill ( we have seen this before). I will likely work on that this winter. I found the torsion spring on the 44 inch deck was broken, belts looked new, I have spring in stock. Also found the float in the carb was very worn, will be putting a carb kit in this week. The left front tire has a slow leak but the tread on all the tires is not bad. There is some evidence of dry rot on side walls. I usually like to start by giving everything a bath, but my pressure washer was in Mason, Ohio and I took the mower to Foster Ky. I am going to take the washer down this week and give both of the 149s a bath. The original 149 SN 515349 built in June July of 1974 is now leaking hydro somewhere in the back. That is also going to be a winter project. I took a pic of the new 149, will post later. I also need two of the square lenses for the tail lights. Will post more as I go.
Here is a pic of my 149s
It is so good to have two of the same model tractor. Makes troubleshooting issues less daunting. I got the 149 running after comparing the voltage regulator wiring and discovering differences. I made the corrections and it runs great... charges battery and everything:errrr:. Installed new torsion spring on deck, greased spindles and checked blades for sharpness. Used pressure washer on entire tractor so it looks nicer. Still need to fix left front tire, tail light lenses and a few other things but unit is back in usable condition. I plan on leaving the blade on this tractor, I will use the deck as a spare. One thing I noticed...the new tractor starter generator is not as fat as the other tractor, wondering if it may be wrong one. Any ideas?
My mistake....s/gs are identical! I am getting older, will be 70 on Oct 2.