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982 with mag 20

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May 26, 2011
Jim Harder
I am putting a mag 20 in a 982. engine ran just find when I mowed with it then pulled it in the shop and pulled it out. Put in the 982 and now I have no spark. I did take all the air shields off and blow the cooling fins off. My question is could I have broke the ignition or blew the wires out of the mag? Nether cylinder has fire. I am getting power to them just not out of them. I have never worked on a mag engine but have had many kt17 apart. Just want to know what to look for thanks Jim
The 982 originally came with an Onan that incorporated a tradition Ignition Coil and was wired for same. The M-20 is a "Magneto System" and can't be wired in the same manner. You will (A) have to install a different Key Switch, or (B) install a Aux Relay to make this work.

If you need help wiring this up, please say so.
If you have a diagram that would be great. I would rather go with the relay. My email is in my profile. Thanks Jim
Posting this for Jim:

got in and running in that picture. Just got to tie up the wiring and wait on a adjustable carb. then put it back together and get the 60 in deck under it and give a run.
Is this your brother's Super? I thought you were building a 782D. I'm conflicted about parting a perfectly working 2072 for your other two red tractors. Cyclops were made for parting. Not 82/72 series...

But at least my 2072 is one more tractor rarer.
Yes it my brother 982 we put the mag 20. The engine ran great and had a nice 60 inch deck. But that's all that 2072 had going for it. Everything else was trashed. The hydro pump had been welded back together bolts that held the rear end in was welded to the frame, mule drive welded to frame seat was junk dash was trashed. I ended up putting the power steering on his 982 not my 782d. And yes I am also building 782d. Jim
Roland could you post the wiring diagram for the aux relay to put a mag 18 in a 782.
This is for a 782 with a Kohler Magnum,

If the Chassis is IH (s/n: <720,000) the wire(s) will be purple.

If the Chassis is CCC (s/n: 720,000>) the wire(s) are yellow


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