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383 Cat '0' build

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Mar 31, 2012
Eastern Iowa
David Schwandt
Slowly gathering/producing parts for the Cat '0' build to fit my 2072 and 1872 supers.
Got these wrapped up yesterday.
Pivot blocks for the lift arms, 2 per tractor plus a couple extras.
The 2 lower lift arms w/ball couplers were missing on the 2072 that we bought along with the guides.
Lift arms for the rock shaft.
Rock shaft and arms finished earlier and ready to weld up.


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More parts for the 383 3 point build for the Supers.
Parts for the lift links and the lower lift arm mounts w/spacers.
One will go on the 2086 I scored last fall.
Next up will be mounting the PTO to the differential.

Right away I discovered the need to relocate the breather from it's original spot as it was in the way of the main PTO support casting (pic 3 & 4). This casting is a massive very meaty part and takes up the real estate where the breather is located on the 2086. Not an issue on the 1872 & 2072 as there is no breather installed on those Cubs, at least not on the ones we have.
Going to check on installing breathers on those! Should aid in refilling or adding fluid by alleviating some or most of the burping when doing so.

A tapered 1/8" plug is used to fill the hole where the breather was. I had to tap & deepen the hole somewhat so the casting would clear the plug, but shaving some off the top of it would have worked as well.

There was enough room and meat in the casting to drill and tap the 1/8" tapered thread for the breather near the fill tube which is also threaded into the casting so removal for drill clearance was not an issue.

Just bear in mind, if you are contemplating installation of a rear PTO & 3 point on a later, post 2072 Super, you will more than likely have this issue to deal with.


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A bit more headway this week on the Cat '0' project.
Upper parts of the lift links done and mocked the side panels/hangers for the rock shaft ass'y.
Looks like it may get warm enough this week to get some painting done on some small parts.
Can get 'em warmed up inside then shoot them quick in the garage and bring 'em back inside to cure in front of the furnace.


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Got the heavy bending for the drawbar and the support plates done today.
One of the rockshaft assemblies is done as well.
New one is on the left


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Will be drilling holes and trimming parts this week for final fit.
Finally got all the parts rounded up for the lift arms.
Had to order from 2 different vendors due to items being out of stock and on back order.
Maybe even get some painting done, weather providing.
That will be on the agenda for next weekend soon as my welder gets in form this weeks run.
If he has time that is!
Darn lucky to have him close by, just across the street!
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Has anybody made a sleeve hitch that is quickly interchangeable with the arms on the three point ?
I'm giving consideration to that right now.
Yes, I have have made quite a few of them
They bolt directly onto the Cat 0 A-frame and you can pull any type of sleeve hitch implements that way.
PM me if interested.
Great job David. I'm not sure if it's true but I thought I heard Bill Ruegg isn't making cat o hitches for the Cubs anymore. Will you be making and selling them?
At present, the plan is to have 2 units ready for the swap meet circuit this summer.
We are building 3 complete units, one of witch will be for my 2072.
They will all be test fit on the 2072 to assure correct fit.
The other parts, lift arms w/links and cam sway plates shown in some of my pictures, are to replace missing pieces from a CAT 0 and rear PTO setup I bought last year from a parts tractor.
Thanks for the inquiry!
Prototype is nearly finished.
Still have to weld the PTO driveshaft shroud in place as well as the center top link mount.
Will have to enlarge the holes to 5/8" to accommodate the newer style link that have 5/8' holes on each end.
Hopefully I can have this rig ready to rock and roll soon.


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The 2086 out the door this morning for it's first glimpse of sunlight since last fall.
Decided mid way through this project to mount it on the 2086 I picked up last fall. So, here she is, out the door this morning for it's first glimpse of sunlight since last fall.
Sporting her brand new 383 Cat '0' kit from DLS Machine & Hobby.
PLus all new filters, fluids, plugs & coils.
Ready to rock 'n' roll!


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