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2018 Portage GT Daze 7-12 thru 7-15

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Jul 21, 2013
Don Vogt
Portage WI garden tractor daze 7-12 - 7-15
this show keeps getting bigger every year. last year they hit over 700 garden tractors. all brands welcome . Hope to see you there!
We are here and will set up this morning. Looks to be a great day in WI. Chance of rain though coming in later today.
Not much in the way of Cubs yet anyhow.
650+ GT's here as of about 3PM this afternoon!
We here w/Cubs are really outnumbered to the point where it's doubtful Cubs will be the featured tractor in the near future.
David S.
I got more pics it just takes a while to size and post! Lots of unique stuff. Sucks that it's 90degrees plus and humid
Also want to thank Brett Esse(sp) and his crew for working their butts off! Just met him today. Very nice guy
Very very few Cubs on display.
Here's a shot of what I like to call "Cub Cadet Corners", my display is on the left. All in all with Cubs, about the same as last years turn out with a smattering of cubs here and there throughout the rest of the show field.

Including the 2 feature buildings, one for this years feature Allis Chalmers and the 2nd one for the Case group that meets there yearly, last official count was 928 GT's on the field.


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