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1st snow challenge 2024

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Well-known member
IHCC Supporter
Mar 26, 2021
LaPorte IN 46350
I couldn't wait to have some snow to plow so I could compare my hydro IH 127 up against a gear driven wheel horse 310 b that was given to me this summer. Chains and 160lbs of weight on the rear of both. We had a couple inches of wet an rainy snow topped with about another 4in of lighter snow overnight. No comparison,the hydro 127 smoked the wheelhouse hands down!!! The problem seemed to be traction. I attribute that to the heavier rear end on the Cub.
That’s awesome!! This gives me a lot of hope for my 127! I’ve got a few Sears Suburbans that are belt driven that push snow well and seem
To have no shortage of power in any situation so I’m excited to see how much more I’ll get out of hydro with the Cub!
I need to get my plow on my 100 and get it back up and running. It's been sitting for a few years. I've been using my snowblower with my 1450 and absolutely love it. Last weekend's storm provided me with around 7" of perfect snow to use the snowblower. But Wednesday we got around 4-5" of really wet snow followed by rain. A plow would have been nice to clear my driveway. Unfortunately, I wasn't about to swap out the blower for a plow just for the day so I resorted to using the old "manual snow removal" technique enough to clear out around the vehicles.
i got in a rush last week and started pushing snow without putting on my “new” 2-link chains. dummy me suffered from a lack of traction on several occasions. lesson learned/reinforced !!!
❄️❄️❄️ 🚜 💨
in addition to my wheel weights, i think i’ll build a weight box to mount to my 3-point. during warm season it can be a small carry-all.
The Cub's 2-Link chains vs the WH's 4-link chains give the cub a noticeable advantage, too.
Thee ole' 2 link vs 4 link debate.
I've had both on the same machine and I'm almost leaning toward the 4 link being better in some scenarios. Driving on sheet of ice where the rubber stops on ice then the chain comes around with more weight per square inch it can cut in better then sitting on a 2 link with weight distributed among 2 cross chains.
finally got my 2-link chains on and bladed some more snow this afternoon.
holy cow, i’ve been made a believer of the 2-link chains!
granted, i’ve also added a second pair of wheel weights (≈50 lbs) since last running my 4-link chains in the snow, but wow i never lacked for traction.
the old girl (a 100) is more capable than i realized!
now if she only had a hydraulic blade lift… ❄️❄️❄️🚜💨

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