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  1. rvanmersbergen

    782D upgrades

    Thanks guys for your input, having power steering and a 3 point would be great additions to my 782. This tractor is no longer my primary mower and the 50c deck is in good shape. Always wanted to try a plow on this machine....!
  2. rvanmersbergen

    782D upgrades

    Thanks Matt, how much of the column do I use, all including the tilt or just the bottom part. power steering and 3 point are the main things I want to add. Existing 50 deck works good
  3. rvanmersbergen

    782D upgrades

    Hey all, just brought home a 1864. Is it possible to install the 3 point hitch, power steering or 54 inch deck on my 782D? Or am I trying to swim upstream?
  4. rvanmersbergen

    149 Hydro transaxle

    Hi Bill, I live Lake City far are you from there?
  5. rvanmersbergen

    1970 IH Cub Cadet 73 revival

    Help me on this, looks like 10 hp style fuel tank, is that correct or should it be round 7 hp style used on previous models? Oh yeah BTW, round fender machines rock!
  6. rvanmersbergen

    Looking for a 100

    Kenric, Lake City/Gainesville area.....and yes I have some tiller stuff
  7. rvanmersbergen

    Looking for a 100

    Ronald, I'm in North Florida and have several 70/100s in various conditions with shelves of parts......If that helps
  8. rvanmersbergen

    Archive through June 21, 2019

    Found a Vermeer trencher on a Cub 147 today. Think it is a 147 A model. Anyone know about these?
  9. rvanmersbergen

    Archive through June 06, 2019

    Had a great day yesterday. Walked in the house after work to the sounds of my family, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, and a box from Charlie! Life is good!
  10. rvanmersbergen

    Archive through May 08, 2019

    irony is looks like a 1100....they came plain as any,with briggs and peerless no less!
  11. rvanmersbergen

    Archive through March 03, 2019

    Thanks guys....and yes I have more photos, well the wife does. I'll ask her to send some....I'm not smart enough! LOL! Go to for show dates. We just finished a 169 and a 106, paint was still curing!
  12. rvanmersbergen

    Archive through March 03, 2019

    Me and a couple of buddies put this display together at the Florida Flywheeler show. We had one of every IH built Cub Cadet garden tractor.
  13. rvanmersbergen

    Archive through December 31, 2018

    Hey Charlie, the latest decal kit for an "O" you sent me has a warning/caution decal I had not seen before. What is the proper location and would it have come on every tractor?
  14. rvanmersbergen

    Archive through October 10, 2018

    Thanks Charlie, your box was at the end of my driveway yesterday!