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Tire chains

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Well-known member
Nov 10, 2008
jeff l baker
Has anyone ever made their own tire chains I have a bunch of extra chain and thought i might try it any ideas out there????
Jeff; I made a set of chains a few years ago and they didn't work very well. I should have used twisted link cross chains. Also by the time i bought all the fasteners for the sides and the cross chains, i could have bought a used set of chains cheaper. If you can salvage parts from old worn out chains, that would be worthwhile.
Just my 02c

I made a set of "chains" by looping a long dog style chain through each of the four openings in the rear rims of my plowing cub, then I hooked the ends together using the hookks that came on the chain and bungie cords to keep them tight. this worked almost as good as actual tire chains. I don't remember the price I paid for the dog chains, but it was fairly cheap. wish I had a pic to post, has anyone eles tryed this?
just my 2c
The ONLY set of chains I had for many yrs were only for the 6-12 stock tires. Couple yrs ago I put 23-8.50's on the 72 and needed chains for it when I mount the QA-36 blower. I got used ATV chains at my local dealer, think they were for a 9" x 11" ATV tire but they fit fine. New 23-8.50 chains are over $100/pr plus shipping or tax. I forget if I paid $25 or $50/pr for the used chains but I remember I thought they were a decent deal.
My Buddy bought a "Pile of used chains" at an auction a couple yrs ago, think there was 3 sewts of chains for 23-10.50's for $5 total!

The chains I have on my snow-moving FARMALL's are/were rebuilt semi-truck tire chains, took two chains to make one chain and a bunch of chain repair links but they work!

Chain parts are available at Gempler's and tirechains.com. Sometimes I can find replacement cross links at my local ag equip. dealer too.
Tirechains.com are A$$holes, plain and simple!

I asked several years ago to use their setup instructions on cubfaq.com and got no less than 6 emails and 3 phone calls with threats of filing a law suit if I did.

Damn good thing I asked before I used their info huh!
I'd never looked at the price of chains...The set that are on the 149 are like new...to think that the chains are worth 50 bucks more than I paid for the tractor, blade, deck and QA42...........
Have bought sets of tire chains at rummage sales. they are old car tire chains , shorten them up . Then you are ready to plow snow, Usualy 5 bucks and they work great.
CHARLIE - Glad You mentioned that about TC.com. I've never done business with them, just browsed their website after seeing it mentioned elsewhere. Guess if I need anything it'll come from Gempler's or other GOOD suppliers!

KENDELL - First set of chains I ever had for the 72 was a pair of emergency chains for a small car like a VW Rabbit or Ford Fiesta (Dad had a '78 Fiesta for a couple yrs & 100,000+ miles, Great little car!) The chains had woven nylon side straps and plastic crossbars with a couple tungsten studs molded in. They worked but were short-lived. At least the plastic was yellow so they matched the CC.

Like most other things I imagine chains are made in China now, and with their dismal metallurgy I doubt new chains last as long as 40 yr old chains.
Farm sales are good place to find chains. When I was a kid before gravel roads,everybody had chains for all their vehicles. I have car chains for my 147 with 10.50 tires that fit great except the length.
ok made a set of chains out of scrap chain and bolts i will try them and see how they work soon snow is called for on wensday. i laid out chain and bolted short pieces across. i will have to watch the bolts on the tires but i thought i would try as money is real tight right now
Jeff, I'm with josh, those home made chains look pretty decent.
Here is the homemade wieght I made, I used a 2 inch steam trap body and filled it nuts and bolts from a boiler we scraped at work. total weight was 82 pounds. Then I bolted it to the rearend. Also a few pics of the tire cains from scrap.



I found this place - seems to be pretty good on pricing and shipping:


One question though, why would chains for 23 x 8.5 x 12 be more than for 23 x 9.5 x12? The price difference isn't much (a couple of dollars for the 2-link), but still? Must be volume, demand and supply. I want to put some on my 123 which has 23 x 8.5 x 12s on it.
TERRY - I'd keep the extra bucks and get the 23-9.50 chains if they're both 2-link. The difference will be maybe One extra link in the cross chains, which You can tighten with the side chains.

Fitting tire chains really isn't rocket science. It's just diameter & width. And a bit bigger on either is better than too small.
That's what I thought - maybe easier to install also and I'm sure I can make up the slack. And they're both 2-link. The price difference on the two size for 4-link is one dollar. The price for the 4-link for the 23x8.5x12 is $32 and $45 for the 2-link. The prices for the 23x9.5x12 is $31 and $43 respectively.
TERRY - That's a good price. 9.50 2-links looks like the way to go.
Yeah, I thought it was a good price also. It would be nice to hear some feedback on anyone who has dealings with that company, but I guess I might as well be the guinea pig.

I bought chains from them last year. I had no problems. They came with tensioners also.
Terry I bought chains from Vulcan last year. Ordered 24x12x12 chains for my Sim /Prestige , they came in larger ATV size, so I removed 2 crosslinks per chain (4 spare crosslinks),now have great traction. Also came w/ tensioners that work great. Good value!