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Hello all, and thanks for the prayers. Successful surgery on 9/27/2022 (aortic valve replacement and triple bypass grafts). Had some a-fib issues after, but seems to be keeping perfect tempo now. Got home evening of 10/3/2022. Doing well, but pretty weak. Cardiac rehab will help that. Surprisingly, no pain (unless I reach out and lift, or anything that causes awkward pressure on the sternum, where it's put together with titanium plates, straps & screws. It's unbelieveable to me that I haven't even used Tylenol since coming come. Worst will be limited movement and lifting until the end of the year. Thanks again, everyone.
Great to hear you're on the road to recovery. Worst part of any recovery is not overdoing things too soon. I have a couple of vertebrae that remind me of that. Get used to using a helper for lifting, I'd hate to hear that you had complications!
Great to hear the good news! Just be patient and do what the docs say, and you will be back at it in no time!
👍👍👍 glad to hear about your successful and thus far low pain results. I found regardless of the ailment PT is a big help.
I start cardiac therapy next week. And, you're right RFunk, staying within the given limits will be most important.

Thanks again, all!
That was a major surgery. Glad to hear your doing well. Like you said, when you feel good you will want to over do it and your self control will kick in. Good luck to a successful recovery.