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IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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John Branson

New member
May 30, 2023
Upstate NY
My name is John Branson. I just purchased a used 2005 GT2554 with 550 hours on it to handle some mowing down in West TN ( Living in upstate NY for now).

To explain the title of this post. Old because I'm old (64), New because I'm a new member (maybe), Old again because, I'm pretty sure I was a member here about 15 years ago when I owned a late 60's 123, and a 75 1450. Thought I was pretty active here about 20 years ago.

Anyway, the new Cub is in pretty good shape but I'm sure I'll have questions. First project besides changing all fluids and filters will be attempting to press new quality bearings in the PTO idlers. Seems doable, I've got some machine tools here.

Will be moving to the Paris TN area within a couple of years, have a 30 acre property there that we are sitting on at the moment.

If the Admins can find out if I was a previous member based on my email address I'd be very happy to know it.

Thanks everyone.
John Branson
John, welcome

John, back in the early years of the forum, up until just a few years ago (2019 or 2020?) your user name had to be first initial last name, so your user name would have been jbranson, UNLESS there was already someone with that username, some common last names could have had conflicts so middle initials could have been used. I was saving screen shots of every forum member's profile page from around 1998 until around 2004 or so. I did not find yours. I also have access to old forum archives a search of those archives did not find any posts with a username of jbranson. :(

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