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Mar 18, 2024
Hi my name is Josh I’m new around here. Always love old cubs and I’m looking to get my first one. Going to look at two today! Looking to mow my yard and maybe do a little garden plowing and such with it. Looking at a 102 and a 1250. What’s yall opinion on which one would be the better tractor for my intended uses? Both are running and in good shape at a similar price point. Any insight would be appreciated! Looking forward to hanging around here in the forum!
Well for starters the 102 is a 10HP narrow frame gear drive unit w/manual PTO and manual lift and starter generator.

Whereas the 1250 is a 12HP wide frame hydro with electric PTO clutch and hydraulic lift and electric starter.

Does either one come with a deck and/or options such as a rear three point lift which you will need plus a sleeve hitch setup to pull a plow, rake or blade

Food for thought!
The 102 will pull a 10" plow, yes but the 1250 has hydraulic lift and for a plow is very handy compared to the 102 w/,manual lift.
If you plan on attending any plow days, the hydraulic lift would be my choice.
There was a hydraulic lift option for the NF Cubs but they are very hard to come by and are pricey to boot and a bit on the slow side.
With a manual lift you almost have to stop and in some cases even back up a bit to get the plow outta the ground at the end of the furrow.
Josh, I have to correct my previous post from a few minutes ago!!

The 1250 will likely have a standard manual lift, that is unless it was ordered with one.
Don't know what the heck I was thinking!!

The 102 will pull a 10" plow, yes. The 1250 has a manual lift as well.
For a plow rig, a Cub such as a 1450 or a 1650 would be my choice as they were equipped with the hydraulic lift as standard.
There was a hydraulic lift option for the NF Cubs but they are very hard to come by and are pricey to boot and a bit on the slow side.


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