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Mystery part

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Well-known member
IHCC Supporter
Aug 21, 2004
Jim Storma

Can anyone tell me if and where this belongs on my 169? It came with a box of stuff with the tractor. My guess it's a washer for the front wheel? Maybe it doesn't belong at all with it. :errrr:




  • image0 (1)-800x600.jpeg
    image0 (1)-800x600.jpeg
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Hey Jim - well, I'm positive it's NOT a washer for a front wheel (if it was then I think you'd need 2 of them, 1 on each side).
It does look a little familiar to me but I just can't place where it may go. It might be something to go with the hydro control lever, but just doesn't seem quite right to me.
Hi Hydroharry,

I was thinking if it was not a wheel washer then it's probably for the friction disc, but did not see it on the parts break down. I still have no idea where it goes:).
Most shocks come with new retainers anyway, at least they used to.

Now, if it were a HD old MoPar Thick sway bar retainer it would be a keeper to make snow plow shoes from.
I would hold on to that. Does it fit something??
Could that attach to the seat angles and then to the tractor?
It allows you to raise the seat up
I've been there and done that. :bash: But it gets sickening moving this stuff around all the time if its not a Cub part might as well let it go.

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