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Monkeying around in Shultzie's garage

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Was able to finish the clean up on the tree.


Busy weekend around the house. First up is I'm going to plow the garden. Plow has a flat tire. No big deal, I'll just run to town and have one of the two tire places put on a good used tire. The first place was closed. No big deal, there's another one just down the road. Now that place is closed too! :censored2: That tire place has been open on Saturday mornings for the past 50 years that I can remember. Always busy on Saturday morning. What is it these days? Doesn't anyone want to work anymore? So a little bit angry I go back home. Sit and realize I may have an old tire down in the barn. Yep, perfect fit too. So I had to change the tire the old fashion way. So that put me about 3 hours behind schedule. Ended up getting the garden plowed and the lawn mowed. Was able to disc a little on Sunday, but it was still a little wet. Plan on finishing up tonight.


My son and I had to move some stuff in the barn and needed to move a couple tractors out. He snapped this photo because he said he had to. I like how he uses the filters on his camera. I thought it turned out cool.

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