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Ih Cub 1282 Dies when PTO is engaged??

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May 13, 2012
Jimi Reeb
I am new here. I have a IH Cub cadet 1282 12hp kohler. I started mowing the other day. After about 10 mins of mowing, the engine bogged down and died. I disengaged the pto and restarted the engine. The engine idled fined. Once I engaged the PTO, it immediately boggs down and dies.

I inspected the deck for obstructions, and it turns freely. I disconnected the belt from the PTO pulley and started the engine again and it stills dies after engaging the PTO.

Can anyone help me here?
Two common problems are a shorted out field coil in the electric clutch, which can simply be tested with a meter to see if you have continuity between the wire on the clutch and the clutch body itself. A dead "short" will kill the engine often times.

The other issue may be the pto switch and associated wiring. Since the seat switch, pto switch etc all work in series, it may be that one has failed. The best way to troubleshoot that is to look on this site under the "wiring diagrams" section. The 1282 was wired in much the same way as 682/782 tractors. Let us know which seems to be the source of the problem and the helpful people here will be glad to work with you to get it solved.
I neglected to mention that the best place for this post is in the CCC and MTD tractors section, as the 1282 generally falls into that category. Maybe one of the moderators will assist with this?

The 1282's counterpart in CCC tractors was the model 680 by the way. Same tractor but with yellow and white paint.

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