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Greetings from the desert

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Hello, my name is Scott. I have been away from IH Cub Cadet for a long time but the memories I have of this fine machine and Forum has brought me back. I don't have any Cub Cadets, I live in the desert of Arizona. If I ever came across one I'd be hooked all over again.
Scott, welcome back!

I believe you originally joined the forum in early 2000 or perhaps late 1999.

Here's a screen shot of your profile from my Archives, from back around August 2000. I have several screen shots of your evolving profile. I used to take screen shots of most of the early forum member's profile page. (I joined around November of 1998, but a mishap in 2006 deleted my and several other members info so we had to rejoin.)

That’s sooooo cool to see my old 102. First CC I owned and refurbished. Any chance you could send me any pics of those golden days?
I will have a look this evening to see what I can find.