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Just got back from that party... The entire vat is gone... I guess they liked it... Several glasses of Syracuse Pale Ale, and the wife drove home... Congrats all of you behind the cheddar curtain... I got to thinking, the Packers look like John Deeres, and the Steelers were Yellow and White.... Hmmmm.

Wish I could have been there to join in on the fun.Sure would have liked to try some of that chili also.It looked good, and sure looks filling also.
You know what would be neat?
To have a chili cookoff. Charlie,Bryan,and Kraig could judge it! OH WELL!
Hey-Sending you some of these case you need them.

Man your makin' my mouth water now!
One spring several years ago, I found lots of mushrooms and got my spring Turkey the same day.
When I had my meal of wild mushrooms and fried Turkey breast,thought I'd died and gone to heaven.
What a great haul you have there.
That type of food scares me...
MMMMMM Morels!
Another great spring treat is wild (or cultivated) Asparagus.

I love asparagus! It used to grow wild along the RR tracks that went through town.Some landscaping was done and that was the end of that.Still have the garlic growing along the tracks all over town.I like the spring wild onions that grow also. How do you fix your asparagus?

Nothing fancy tonight,just baked Talapia,baked potatoe, and salad.

I had heard of leeks,but not (RAMPS) or wild leeks. I had to look up to see what they were.
They sound good, I cook a lot with onions,but not as much with garlic.
When I was a boy we gathered walnuts (still do that) wild gooseberries, wild plums, and cherries,
sasafrass roots, wild grapes, elderberries for jelly,wild greens,such as polk.I'm sure you know persimmons,but what about PAPAWS?
I guess you could say those were the 'GOOD OLE DAYS".
Rod - That pawpaw looks good. Looks like a papaya. I don't think I've had papaya since we lived in Hawaii from '88 to '92. I preferred them a little on the green side, with a splash of lemon juice on them.

It's 8 degrees below zero now, on the way to 10 below, so that tropical picture helps me feel a little warmer. Thanks for that!

A couple of things I've never tried but want to sometime, are crablegs and lobster.
I love shrimp, so think I would like these!

They taste very much like a banana, and sort of mushy.
Good after a hard frost. When I was a boy my great aunt MAY would pass out papaws and caramel apples on HALLOWEEN. She always insisted we ate them before we left.If she hadn't found any papaws, it was popcorn balls.
You're making me hungry, even this early. I love crab legs and lobster. Try them some time. Of course, you may have to go get a loan first to pay for them.

Rod, I have two beds of asparagus that I planted years ago but I still pick it from a few wild plants that I know of. I let my wife cook it, she prepares it several ways, I have no idea what all she does, I'm not a cook.

Ramps grow around here, I'm aware of them but have never eaten any. I've grown cultivated leeks in the past. I love garlic, been growing it for years. I planted 385 cloves last fall.

I'll see if CHARLIE will give me a loan!

Did you try the Chili?

Another <font color="ff0000">GOOD EATS</font> in my opinion is <font color="119911">FRIED GREEN TOMATOES</font>! I'm also a fan of fried okra.
SWMBO says "yum, yum. Do it again". So I will have to get some more ingredients. Thanks for the recipe.
You da#$ betcha, fried green tomatoes and okra. That's gooooood food.

I like to store butternut squash in the basement. Then eat it in the winter. I cut it in half, remove the seeds, Add butter and cinamon, wrap in foil and cook on the grille. I also like to take sweet potatoes, wrap in foil and cook in the hot coals at the campfire when camping.

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