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Cub Cadet 147

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Dec 20, 2008
Adam Dunlap
Cub Cadet 147. Not the easiest Cub Cadet to find. This has the 14hp motor, which was the biggest motor they put in the narrow frame tractors. Runs well. Strong motor, no smoke. Cranks good, starts easy, lots of power. The hydrostat transmission is strong, does not creep, and is adjusted well. Yes, it has the rare electric left, and yes it works. It also has a wide-frame front axle conversion, which takes out the slop that most narrow frames had. Ag tires on the rear. 42" deck with good blades and belts, and no known holes. It would look nice with new paint. Deck spindles and mule drive pulleys are quiet. PTO engages and disengages nicely. Battery holds a charge, generator charges good. Has headlights and taillights, which work, but no switch. Front tires are cheap and hold air for only a day or two. Cracked seat, but it is still comfortable. I tried to be thorough, pointing out good and bad. Nice tractor with a previous restoration. $695
. Please call (260)615-5655

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