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Arkansaw, Wisconsin Plow Days Oct. 5-6

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Apr 6, 2005
River Falls, Wisconsin
Vincent Thomley
Glenn Peterson's hosting This fall's Plow Day in Western Wisconsin!!!

Here's the info from Glenn.

Will be at the same location as last year, however we will be plowing across the road on some heavier ground. We have been lucky in our area as far as moisture, should be good plowing.

Feel free to call or e-mail with any Questions or concerns. Hope to see many of you again this fall. Glenn

Vincent, hope you have that Cub all tuned up.

Got a chance to try out my wheelie bars for my turbodiesel JD 332 this summer and they work great!

Hope to see a bunch of you guys this fall at Glenns.
Mike I'll be ready, I think... Doing clutch work this weekend! Last year I half expected to break something so we'll see what happens this year!
The little 122


The big Turbo Deere!


We'll also have several plowing Cub Cadets, an Original, a 72, a 100, a 104, a 1000, and maybe more.

Here's my dad and his 1000.


Couple More Plowing Pics.



See ya in a approx 3 weeks!
Any idea what your 122 with driver weighs?

I was right around 1800lbs (trator and driver) with the big green machine at Little G this year:

Mike, On the last pull I estimated 1600 pounds with driver, a little overboard for a 650 pound Cub...
Of course here's a pic of it right before I pulled it approx as far as you did, and only Glenn's articulating 4x4 out pulled us. Those green colored weights must have helped me...

Hi All, Some updates and additional info.

Fields have been harvested, there will be more than enough acres for two days of plowing with a variety of soil types this year. We definitely could use some rain, it is amazing the change in soil moisture the last 3 weeks.

4H will have rolls and coffee Sat. mourning and Hot Beef sandwiches at noon, will also have treats during the day.

Durand WI. (8 miles from plow site)
Cobblestone Inn 715 672 5055

Menomonie WI. (28 miles to site)
Econolodge 715 235 9651
AmericInn 715 235 4800

Last year it was mentioned that it would be nice to have a plow that most anyone could hookup to and go. A couple of us came up with the idea of a 2 bottom trailer plow with electric lift. Happy to say that has happened along with Electric or hydraulic lift. Set your drawbar for 12 inch. height if possible for the best results. There will also be a couple of fellows who have offered to help those First time plowers setup their plows for the experience.

Oil is changed in the pulling sled. Now for some nice weather and we will have a plow day.

Feel free to call with concerns. 715 495 7642
Installed the new share this weekend, looking forward to cleaning the paint off it at Glenns.

Brian - VERY NICE! We'll get that plow dialed right in at plow day!

Glenn mentioned a couple guys offering to help with plow set up. Myself along with a couple others have offered to try this.

We are still working on some details, but the basic thought is to maybe take take 2 hours (8am-10am or so) and have a "Test and Tune" area or "Plowing 101" area.

We will have an area near the parking where we can help an operator set up their plow to plow, or possibly plow better..., offer some tips to make their day!

We are not the plowing experts, just a couple guys offering some help.

FYI - If you are interested in offering to help with this help area, please let me know.
I did get it from Brinly. They now have the parts trees for all their stuff online and you can order it right from there. With shipping it was 100 bucks. Actually if you look at all the plow parts, that was the only really expensive piece, the entire molbard wasn't even 40 bucks. The annoying thing about it was the bolt holes are poorly punched out. I had to get out a file and my Dremel tool to get the bolts to fit right. For the 100 bucks they should have done that at the factory. I will say my old one was worn away better than 1 inch, I started having a real tough time getting it to run any kind of consistent depth. Hopefully this will help.

$100.00 for 1 share? I replaced my 12" a year ago for half that and thought that was high.

You can get a 12" Share from Deere for the Brinly 12" plows for like $35.

Might as well buy that and cut the end off to make it work on the 10", assuming the bolts are the same.

Brinly seems to be very proud of their service parts, I recall buying some u bolts or something from them and being like WHAT, HOW MUCH???
I guess I never thought of asking mother Deere about one. The local Deere dealer does tolerate my IH hat, I think it's because my money is green. Based on how much I use it I hope this one last me a lifetime.
Brian, I read your post and It seems your green money will last you a life time...! Good for you!

After reading it again I now realize you are referring to your plow share. Darn it.

Hey here's a pic! or 2!


Whats that thingamgig sticking up diagonally off the back of the plow?
Picture for the week, this is the newly built trailer plow that we will be able to hook to most any tractor, it has hydraulic or electric lift so if you have a battery you will be able to give it a try.