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Archive through October 11, 2003

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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John L., Dave R.:

Wheeled Cubs only here!!! (comes the response from Cardinal country)
No work, weddings, or visits to school today! Got a chance to clean up the 782D.
Need to get the 3pt. and Mike "M" stainless steel exhaust pipe on.
What's 14 to 147 out of Charles City like? Looks like a pretty sraight shot to your place.
Tom H,
H-42 & H-48 will fit just fine, they will also fit a 1000,1200, 1210,1259,1450,1512,1604,1650 ande a whole bunch in between even a 800.

All roads goin into Travis's are great, believe it or not, most roads within 75 miles of his place are much better than most in Iowa.

(Message edited by Cproctor on October 12, 2003)
Art, I think that you are thinking of the wrong gear. This is the one that the reduction housing gear meshes with on the front of the transmission. The big gear that is mounted to the input shaft for the transmission is what is twisted and bent..
Travis: are my e-mails getting through to you? I've sent a couple in the last few days, but have heard nothing and with the e-mail problems I've had in the past, I start to get a bit paranoid...

Tom H, I love that pic.of the gold demo model # 8 Little Genius. I'm takin my real size one to a local PD next weekend if I can get the M hauled, if not, I'll take my 122 and 10" Brinley.
A buddy of mine just showed up with a 982 with 3 pt hitch and individual brakes. Also has a 50" mower. Nice. He wants to sell it. Any interest? I think it has aluminum axle housings. They are painted black. Anyway, looks like a heck of a tractor and with a little TLC could be great. No chance of me owning it, though.

Art "wrong way" Aytay....

IH 674 with 420 4 bottom 14" plow.....

It's basically the older version of the "Plow Special" drag off tractor

62hp 4 cylinder German diesel, 8F 4R (TA optional), nice little utility tractor.

Doug B.

The big spring is usually a little loose in a 1.200" long trunion slot.....put one 1/4" washer on the "tit" on each button to take up the slack, but be prepared for a hydro that is a little jumpy and harder to "N" center with the washers in it.
I've got a pan seat cover I was going to toss in for a door prize, do I send that ahead or just bring it with?
I take it the moderators are out lately?

Just got back from my neighbor's Dad's house,he has some pretty cool stuff,like 2 TD-14 dozers,a Cub,a big ass 4586(?),many Quietlines,a 782 and a bunch of attachments. Also a really nice 147. Amazing to see what is out there,and it was fairly close by. He's got the nicest QA42-A I've ever seen in person,and it's original condition. It has NEVER been on a tractor. Anyway,Saturday is looming and I'm getting somewhat aroused.....
Does anyone know about what an off topic 2182 went for new? I'm trying to help a friend understand prices between newer and older stuff....
Tom, if you're coming from Charles City (or Waterloo for that matter), bring hwy 18 to Echo ave. It's a much straighter shot.

Bob, haven't seen anything, but just sent you and email.

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