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Archive through October 11, 2003

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Jun 24, 2003
David Berkstresser
I was at Zagray's on Sunday, I guess I missed the Porsche tractor. I have an '83 Porsche 944, which is my main ride right now. It was amazing to see a working dragline and a power shovel, though. That place is a real toy store. My wife loved it as much as I did, bless her heart. Can you believe $55k buried under a stone fence ???
Jeff "R",
Those are not Cub fenders, too much of a curve. Might be off a Jacobson or something.
You oughtta be nicer to your tractor than that! You gave your tractor swollen nuts, at least you could have given it an oil change and a wax
Art, I knew I shoulda took the big trailer, now I gotta go back! Got some really cool NOS stuff to take pics of yet, grin.

I gotta tellya, with all the decks I've seen, I never ran across one of these until today.
Matt K.

If you took the hydro off of the cast iron rear end.....you had to in order to replace the gasket, you WILL have to do the cam plate neutral adjustments...no exceptions!!!!

The cam plate bracket has slotted holes, sliding the bracket a little as 1/8" will make a huge difference in your hydro neutral setting. Follow the book for the right procedure.
Apostle-Just bring plenty of coloring books and have a DVD player installed in your truck so I can watch the Flintstones all the way there. And would it kill ya to bring some bagels and cream cheese?

Projects and machines are lookin' good men!
I got to run a combine for the first time in two years today, felt good.

.sbuC oG
Kevin and Tom,
Have to thank both you guys again! Had figured that I had lost out when Kevin brought it, but then he decided to move money laterally. Mowed the lawn again today. She sure is a sweet machine, plus when I get done mowing I don't have the back pain I got from the 149. All I have to do is get the stupid snow blade rod figured out. Still not sure which route to take there.
Again thanks,
Art, not sure about the hitch, but I have to say that it is a good idea. Sort of thinking about making one for my units.

Here is a BIG question that I have... I noticed on the Original that I am refurbishing, that the input shaft is bent. It is the one that the reduction housing's gear meshes with. Here is the deal, the big gear on the input shaft moves from left to right about 1/8th of an inch. The things that really confuse me is that the driveshaft for the Originals are small, and how all that power is able to not only bend the input shaft, but it actually twisted it. It had a creeper on it, and I thought that the roll pins, drive shaft, clutch, creeper, or rag joint would have failed long before a 1" shaft would bend and twist. So, here is the 2 possibilities that I came up with. 1. Just leave it alone and reassemble. 2. Change it out with a new shaft. I am thinking that it only goes 6.9 MPH. Yet, I really don't like having a bent shaft in there. My gut says to change it out. So I am asking what you guys think. And also how the hell that big of a shaft could have gotten bent especially with just a 7hp. Oh, and it doesn't appear to have been dropped.

BTW, I had a great time today hanging out with Doug Barnett. He had his 149 tore all to peices, and is starting the repairs. He has a few interesting questions as well. I tried talking him into letting me take it home, but he wouldn't.... Man, no luck at all. Seriously, thanks Doug for everything. I appreciatted you letting me use the <strike>toys</strike> tools and parts cleaner. You are awesome! Don't know about you, but those cold tools were just way too good.
Pat "C",
I <u>really</u> think you need that H-42 blower for it. It's in the garage crying. It wants it's 782 to play with again!!!
Pat C.-You are certainly welcome,I am thrilled that a really nice machine like that went to another guy who could appreciate it as much as it SHOULD be appreciated! Some guys would take a tractor like that and just punish it right into the ground.I have a good feeling you will not be that guy. I worked on untwisting that tie strap for about an hour and finally chucked it. Don't worry,I laughed when it hit the garbage can,I've never seen such a thing!

Travis-Jalapeno brats? What that for,extra torque in the morning? Maybe it's extra incentive for Dee to get up earlier?
Pat C.-
I looked at your profile and it says "check out my off topic quad tractor", but doesn't say how...

Richard C-
You were number 2? I think I was #12!

Do you really want pictures of that plow with the Buske decals on it?

I'd bet a bunch of "the normal characters" on this forum could set you up with a "new" reduction housing that has a straight shaft in it. Not really a high dollar piece. I know it would change the serial number, but if it was close, who cares. It isn't too bad to swap out, the Plow Special's reduction shaft was badly grooved, so it got a NOS one!
Man, I've heard of propane injection on those diesels, but not "natural" gas........Travis already has enough real boost on his monster without brats to help out the cause!!!!!!
At the risk of sounding like a dumb "boy from the burbs" who'd mount his AGs on backwards...

What is that thing?
steve b very nice fleet, the 169's lookin good. both you and wyatt postin 169's on the same page could give some guys "cub envy"

gota question on the trunion spring and yes i've read the faq's, have new springs and the outer spring has slop end to end, the slot dos'nt appear to badly worn but some times looks can be decieving, should the slot be the same length as the spring?
got all the parts pressure washed and degreased on the 149 today, as you read jeff r stop by and traded me some cold "tools" to use some of my shop tools, thanks jeff.

with all this talk of plowin i gota to thinkin about tires, and was wonderin what brand and model of tire that has the best traction?