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882 are cool and hard to find, show us a picture
I know, I know. Pick me, pick me!

It's this piece right here in the center of the pic, kinda keeps the hood from banging back shut...it is MIA and/or busted...

Charlie...If Ya want to move this whole fiasco up to the MTD LAWN MOWER section, feel free seeing as how it's getting a bit out of control here. Geesh, just a simple want ad!

Take that hood latch and throw it as far as you can.I have a drawer full of them .All they do is F**k things up when somebody trys to close the hood.
Anyone looking to part with a 102/122? I am on Long Island. I will travel or ship if the cost ways fair.
Looking for a float mode clip that goes on a original,70,100,71-123. Any help would be appreciated.
Looking for the link to adjust left and right on an original no trip blade. Thanks all
I would like to buy CC147 Hyd. line and Hyd. pump gasket.
Contact Jim at 214-636-1269

I am in need of the deck implement lift handle for a 124/125...

The button on the top of mine sheered off

You can reach me brian {dot} ellwood [at] gmail (dot) com

Thanks =)
Charlie, my issue is unscrewing the bottom half of that button from the tube so I can replace it...

Do I cut into my tube, possibly making a worse situation, or do I just buy a new lift arm assembly?

I know I can certainly buy the replacement button and the smaller control button for ~50$ but if for a few more dollars I can just drop in something "new" that might be the way to go :/
I need a pair of the narrow front rims for a 127. They are the ones that use the 4.80-8 tire. I am not worried about appearance, but they need to be straight. You can email me at jw76424@hotmail dot com
Brian E.
They can be a PITA!
If you can find a whole lift assembly, go for it! LOL
It would be a lot less trouble and less cuss words to boot.
Brian Ellwood: I have a deck implement lift handle, works good. p/n 544201R. Sent you an email.