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A place for random photos,,,with no specific topic

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A winters work,just uncovered..after 3 days in 60s I'm gettin' itchy feet....mechanical repairs done..some need cleanup,some need paint...but when it's time for spring fishing I'm gone..There are 2 1320 Cubs and a 1420 still in garage,I've learned quite a bit about the cheap side(mowers only not working machines)


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Here's the random collection of winter projects:

Briggs and Stratton model A

107 dash tower removal and repair-

Kohler K321 (for my 147)-

'79 JD 111 faulty PTO removal (and speed up pulley mod)-

Lastly, rear fluid change for the 106-
Jp, nice mod. A hand crank A friend has 2 I'm trying to get him to share....

Heh... if he's got 2 then he should share!

My particular one is a later model with a late style carb and intake. It's the only single cylinder air cooled engine with a cast iron head I've ever seen. Unfortunately I don't have a fuel tank or air cleaner for it, there's also no governor inside (how it was when I bought it). Beneath years of dirt and grime I found the remains of some red paint, with bare metal underneath it, so it got a fresh coat of red paint, cooling fins got a coat of heat proof black. Breather and hand crank mechanism also painted black, getting that hand crank mechanism black while on the red fan shroud took a LOT of painters tape!! Following the original operators manual, I painted the oil fill plugs blue and the oil drain plugs yellow.

The only task now is to modify the hand crank I've got so that it works with the engine and doesn't break my hands when I start it! It's an old tractor hand crank and I just need to grind it down so the slots are shallower, and then cut slopes into it so that once the engine starts the crank just slides up over them and off without harm. I'll have to rig a temporary gas tank to start it.


As you can see, I've got plenty of pictures of it :errrr:
Don, we all do it with good intentions.That's collect too many projects.!!So if you project a time line you probably have a t least 5 yrs of work.Try keep that in mind next time you're tempted....Sometimes it works for me and sometimes I can't walk away:drool2:
Emmett, you missed the message...Look at the bracelets and rings then the nails.This person wants every one to know they have tons of money and the nails signify they couldn't possibly do any kind of "work".And of course all of it could be fake to try to make that impression...I'm just thinking they should get a life but that's just me...
My wife and I went hiking along the river bluff by our property yesterday and found a beaver jaw bone. Amazing how long the tooth is.

Jaw Bone_01.jpg

Jaw Bone_02.jpg

Jaw Bone_03.jpg

Jaw Bone_04.jpg

Jaw Bone_05.jpg
Gary, yep! That is a screen capture from a video. The Tom coming in from the right chases the strutting one off.
Gary, yep! That is a screen capture from a video. The Tom coming in from the right chases the strutting one off.
Kraig, I watched 2 toms(young and old) meet in the middle of an old farm bridge.Squacking and flapping they had a go at each other.Suddenly the old tom jumped over the young one. When the young one turned the old warrior literally kicked him off the bridge into the river and very slowly walked away.Head held high of course....Awesome visual memory !!