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982 Onan engine

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Well-known member
IHCC Supporter
Aug 21, 2004
Jim Storma
I'm trying to decide what to do with the Onan engine I took out of my #1 982. It appears there are no rebuild kits for these. Pistons/rods. Should I take off some the parts I would use for my #2 982 ignition stuff, stator, voltage regulator, starter, mufflers and carburetor and scrap the rest at the junkyard? It burned oil really bad, and had the typical hunting and surging. Hard to start too. The Onan in my #2 runs and starts well after a tune up and valve clearance adjustments. Not the same as the Onan out of #1.



Jim, you asked for an opinion..here goes..Onan parts if you can find them are gold price wise.I f it was mine I would strip it and scrap it...There are a zillion Onans out there in old campers for generators but that doesn't mean they will fit...."If it whirs and churns it wears out" I personally wouldn't own one again....If you have one that runs good use it until???
I would do some research to see if a Kohler Command would fit. For a donor there are 2000 series with this engine going for cheap on the used market.
Thanks, I removed said components last Friday and scrapped the motor. I already have re-powered it with a 23Hp Vanguard a few years ago. Why keep it on the shelf if you can't really use it anymore?

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