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John Wyrick

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Sep 30, 2020
Shell Knob MO
I used Meguiar's mirror glaze and a buffer to clean up years if oxidation on the new to me 782. I have the mower deck off for cleaning and refurbishing. I have a spindle bearing that needs attention. I bought a sleeve hitch bracket from xtrememotorworks for the aluminum differential. It looks great, I will paint and install soon. Previous owner had the left side foot rest pad but no luck on the right side. Part 723-3007. Sent an email to our sponsors - hopefully it went through.


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First- great job on the finish. Looks great!

As for the foot pads, the last issue from Cub Cadet fit OK, but was made from an incorrect material. It was not ribbed, but had a rough, textured surface. It will work OK for the non-purist.

I bought some really nice reproduction die-cut foot pads from an Ebay retailer last year. They were slightly thicker than the original, but used 3M adhesive back ribbed rubber, and the holes were stamped out in the correct spot. They were around $40 a pair. I recently checked on them, and it appears that he took the summer off, as there has not been new listings in a few months.
OK I am a little embarrassed. Got two 44" decks with the 782. One was in good shape and bad bearings, the other rough but good spindles and bearings. Had to reassemble 3x. I pulled all the bearings cleaned and repacked with new seals. First time left off the spacers between bearings after seeing them on my workbench. Second time installed incorrectly after not noticing that the spindles on the deck I was using were designed differently. Third times the charm after a couple of choice words!


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Hey, we're like... twins 🤣
I never get it the first time. Like putting rear brakes on my Volvo last weekend. Fought like crazy, got them completed after about 3 hours, crawled my shaky legs in the car to start it and reset the electric parking brake only to see warning lights on my dash to which I realized I had forgotten to plug the ABS and electric parking brake plugs back in.
Can't reach those with the wheels on... 🤬
OK, finally got the 782 refurbished mower deck installed and new foot rest pads-thanks Digger! I have some new grass growing but the mowing season is almost over. Been an up and down last 2 months. A great joy in my first grandson was born but a sadness when my father in law passed away. My busy season with officiating volleyball and working part time at Top of the Rock golf course will be slowing down in about 2 weeks. I am looking forward to some cub time and trying to figure out my 95 electric project.


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Congratulations, and condolences. We "met" your FIL here in a photo or two, right?

Working at a golf course??? They oughta have lots of grass you could test out that deck on.

I'm anxious to follow your progress on the electric.
Yes, my father in law was a mechanical wizard. Told the story about the Rube Goldberg bird bath that drained and refilled itself every hour at his funeral. On an unrelated note, I know it's personal preference but are most painting wheel weights red or white on a red 782?
Changed the hydro fluid, refilled with hytran and new filter. Differential looked new inside. 1st mow on my new 1/2 lot. Love the 782, with wheel weights it runs up and down that hill easily. Nice machine that I paid a little up for but it came with a newer series 2 kohler and runs very strong. Spring in the Ozarks- dogwoods are blooming and Table Rock lake is full. Good times!


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Yes, my father in law was a mechanical wizard. Told the story about the Rube Goldberg bird bath that drained and refilled itself every hour at his funeral. On an unrelated note, I know it's personal preference but are most painting wheel weights red or white on a red 782?
I just changed tires a month ago, I repainted the rims and wheel weights. I was really leaning toward red but went with white. I do like the red. Next time


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Tony, get several sets and alternate.

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