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2082 hydraulic lift problems.

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Steve Light

New member
Feb 24, 2022
Danville, IL
I have a 2082 and the lift system is not working. I have checked the fluid and it is full. The tractor moves and the power steering works great. The lift system does not works. I have a 25 gal sprayer on the 3 point and now it won’t lift. Any ideas? Doesn’t the forward/reverse, the steering and the lift system work off the same pump? Could it be in the lift valve assembly? Any ideas would help.
The steering and the lift run off the charge pump you probably need to adjust the relief valve pressure put a guage on it it's supposed to be around 900 psi. The implement relief valve is the tallest hex head plug on the top of the hydrostat it is in front of the two release valves. To increase psi add a shim to the stack of them in there and don't lose the spring. The service manual covers this procedure as well.