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1982 1282 journey

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Well-known member
Jul 13, 2020
Elkland, PA
Here is the 1282's thread.

As purchased a week ago:




Now, the steering column wiggled a bit, and was ultra annoying. This tractor used the IH designed column support bracket. I retrofitted to the later CCC engineered clamp style column support bracket from an 1810:


This fixed that problem entirely.

I'm replacing the steering wheel due to several chemical stains. While the wheel is off, a new MTD seal was installed after the upper column bushing was greased.


Also replaced at this time was the original maintenance minder, which I have never cared for at all. I had a nice proper later CCC hour meter on the shelf. Also, the rubber ring around the column was replaced with a nice original. More to come...
It's not bad for 41 years old. The lady I bought it from had it around 10 years, and it was always garaged when she had it. The hood and rear fender pan have moderate surface rust, so at some point in its life, it was rained on, or it was a really crappy paint job from the CCC factory.
Ok Guys you know when I drink Smoke wagon. I tend to ramble. Lol. So I was on my way to pic up a wrecked Tesla in West Virginia. Gods country. We are one of the only Body shops in Pennsylvania that are certified to fix Elon Musk masterpieces. I was 200 miles away from home when I spotted this place in the middle of nowhere! Did I say how much I love West Virginia! It is a Beautiful place. Anyway there was plenty of these cubs. The good ones. I’m assuming there is diesels in these tractors. Anyway here is the place. I was driving in my 2021 Chevy flatbed ( Made by International) yes you heard me . $130.000 International with Chevy emblems stuck on it. Here is the place
Smoke wagon is made by a Bourbon guru. I believe he is in Las Vegas. He will go out and collect “micro” bourbon from a bunch of distilleries and blend and the bottle. It is very smooth.
Went on Mountaineer power equipment Facebook page Look at all the Black Bear cubs raiding his garbage cans. Yeah that place is in the middle of nowhere. Heaven
Back on track..

Accessory front bumper. Had to modify both mounting bolts due to the iso-mount engine framework.


NOS GE 4411 headlights and nice used retainer clips


Repaired the IH emblem by JB welding new mounting pins on. The chrome plating is the best I've come across.


Mint ammeter to replace the faded original. It's showing a discharge from the headlights.


Proper original throttle cable replaced the universal one.

New correct rear rims and tires. Much better than the ancient skinny Firestones and narrow wheels.

View attachment 152679

View attachment 152678
do you notice a difference in traction between the bar tires and the turf-type tires, be it on turf or pavement?
one designed to grab & bite, one meant to minimize compaction and more turfgrass-friendly i believe.