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169 Total Resto Info Wanted

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Mar 9, 2008
Greg Karbowski
I am going to start restoring my 169 after many years of service. First, the engine. Are the rebuild parts from NAPA good. They assured me these were Kohler parts. Is there anything that wears on the governor? Also is there anything I should do internally to the engine to make it run better/cleaner/crisper. Polish intake/exhaust etc. Granted I'm not intending to build a pulling tractor just a good reliable strong runner. I have rebuilt auto engines and snowmobile engines in the past so I have experience and understand close tolerances.

Secondly, The frame/suspension/steering. The column and box needs a total redo also. Looked at the FAQ's and wondered if that was the method of rebuild the guy on eBay uses? It also "creeps" a little so I plan on redoing that per the FAQ's. The front cast straight axle center pivot is loose as well. Is it possible to bore this and put in a bushing and a new grade 8 bolt?

Finally, paint and decals...is any one source better than another? I would like good quality. My intentions are a high quality restoration that I can still cut the lawn with.

Sorry for the wordy post. Just trying to cover all bases. Any and all input welcome. Great Site!
I just ordered a full set of decals for my 1811 and got all except the tunnel cover warning decal which they claim they are sending. I too was wondering about the ebay steering redo guy and his kit. I just went to ACE for some washers and IH must have found a size that NO one else makes because they were all too large at Ace. Anyone know a good source for nuts/bolts and washers?
If your so hip on sleezebay, use it!
BUT, DON'T come back here bitching about the quality or quantity that you get!

We have Sponsors guys, USE THEM, they know what works and what doesn't, period!

Rudy Y.
There's not a nut or bolt on a Cub that Ace doesn't have.
McMaster-Carr carries more nuts and bolts than you would ever care to buy, LOL
Greg Karbowski

I understand your question, you want the best decals. But I think the owner of this site Charlie has a good (excellent) product. You do understand the difficulty with this request ? I have bought 129 and Originals decals form http://ccspecialties.org/paintdecals.html and all I can say is I`am happy with what he send me. hope this helps.
Greg - I just noticed you put up this section for your 169 Resto. I'd highly recommend you speak directly with someone that has rebuilt several Kohler K engines before you jump in yourself. There are some little oddities that may not make sense to even a good mechanic. There are some balance gears in there as well, and that's another story. Some guy toss them and run without them. I'd definitely speak with Dave Kirk (one of the sponsors) before going to far. He has friends that worked at Kohler and know things about these engines. He also has a substitute for the balance gears, which many people not toss. They are known to come loose and put a window in the side of your block.

On the steering, I don't know what the guy on eBay does. I believe the FAQ has about all you'll need to address. Sticking with a standard rebuild if fairly easy with the column out and in a vice. I would recommend going with the SuperSteer Upgrade from Dave Kirk as well ( sponsor I mentioned). It is only a a bearing and lock nut instead of 2 nuts, but it really works.

On your front axle, you might have to squeeze the channel back closer together since it does tend to spread open and let the axle rock. I wouldn't change the axle pin for a grade 8 bolt either. If you have to much slop in the bushings welded on the channel the service manual recommends going to new ones. However, I've never heard of anyone replacing them. It's generally the wear on the center pin that is the issue. Get yourself a new center pin before you go making any changes.

As for decals, the 169 is the only unit of the 1x9 series that doesn't show "HYDROSTATIC" under the 169 numbers on the dash decal. The 109, 129 an 149 have it and most of the aftermarket decal makers also add it to the 169. I don't know how particular you are going to be about decals but if you're trying to go really original this is something to look for. As Dan Tanner points out, check Charlie's site CCSpecialties (sponsor). It looks like his 169 decals are correct (don't say HYDROSTATIC under the 169 numbers).

In regard to paint, I believe there is a chart in the FAQ that gives you name brand (NAPA, Sherwin Williams/ etc) choices.

There's a pic of my 169 in my profile. It has some updates, like a Quiet Line hinge for the hood, the older style front wheels for a wide offset, and a few other minor things I consider better. I kept the balance gears when I had my engine rebuilt 10 years ago. That was before Dave Kirk came up with his kit. Mine is a show tractor so I really don't worry about it but if I was rebuilding the engine again I'd definitely go with Dave Kirk's balancer that screws/bolts on the crank.

Good luck with your restoration,

Hydro Harry
Old Cubs Never Die (they just find another resting place)
Hey guys,
New to this, just bought a nice 129. Any info on where to get the steering wheel center? Also where to buy brake pads?
Welcome Jeff from one Jeff to another.
You should post in the main forum if your not restoring your 129,

But to answer you, several of the sponsers at the top of the page have what you need and will be the BEST place to get REAL ih cub stuff not china reproductions like most ebay stuff.

Please post a picture we like them, And the 129 is a excellent machine...

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