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May 1, 2017
Hello. I have been reading everything I can find on a 1650 before I start working on mine. I finally found out why this 1650 has 2 levers as it came with the option of hydraulic connections in the front. Having said that the enter lever is broken off where it connects to the other lever. A nut is still there but I can see where the shaft sheared off. My thought is that there is a lock nut to keep the shaft from backing out. I say that to say this: What is the best way to remove the shaft and or nut? It is very tight, probably semi rusted, and I wanted to know if any one knows what the metal is that the shaft screws into. Is it aluminum or some pewter type material? I want to make sure I do not snap it off as well. Have put some WD40 on it to help loosen it. Any suggestions? Thanks.
It's a either cast or forged iron.
Common problem on a lot of the dual stick Cubs.
Thanks, appreciate it. I can be a little more forceful with that. If this is a common problem is the cause based on to weak of a just not being careful and overpowering it? If other than those causes is there any suggestions/corrections when replacing?

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