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Parts For Sale Power Angle plow Hydraulic cylinder

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Shaft not bent but someone welded mount on end of shaft


  • 569E1CD2-A5D4-4CBC-A0BC-5670620F849E.jpeg
    2 MB · Views: 0
Do you mean like a Grade 1 bolt dschwandt
When I broke mine, I used a set screw the same size & thread as what was in there.
Not going to take it apart though for a picture, sorry.
I do not know if this is what was original though, it is just what was how mine was when I got it several years ago, maybe a PO's fix.
If that happens are you able to manually lock it in left/right?
This will be my first season with this plow, I want to be prepared.
OK, maybe I should just go take a look at it...

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