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Newly Acquired 149: Modified Deck

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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As Matt said, it will fit but you need the correct mule drive and subframe. As I recall you currently have a 48" deck, the mule drive for which will have pulleys aligned straight front to back. The mule drive for the 50" deck (on Facebook) will have pulleys with an angle towards the left side of the tractor (left when in the operator seat).

Now, you didn't ask for thoughts on condition of the deck. It appears to me to not have been used for quite some time. Wonder why? The description states "no rust". I don't see any on the underneath side but have a feeling it's there under a layer of caked on grass debris. I see some rust on the top side scattered around and starting to show thru the flat white paint. It would certainly be nice to see what it looks like with the spindle cover removed. The decks are notorious for collecting grass and other debris under the cover and rotting from the inside out. Moisture also collects, gets under the stiffening plate and you won't be able to see the rot without disassembly. I say this because even with the spindle cover removed it may look ok, but you can't see under the stiffening plate. The stiffening plate is triangular in shape and basically the same size as the dipped area of the deck. You can hardly see it's outline when looking. The spindles have to be removed in order to remove the plate to see what's really there. The plate itself is usually pretty good but the deck skin under it is almost always full of pitting.

If you do look at the deck then you also want to check the areas where the spring action latches are at the back. The deck skin cracks in the areas around the mounting brackets. Also, you can't really check the spindles other than spinning the blades, and with the deck belt in place it will be hard to tell if there's any issue.

Would I look at this deck? Probably.
Would I buy this deck? Maybe if I could get it for less than the asking price. Knowing what I know about them I think worst case it might have a few good spindles for parts. Best case it's not all rusted up under the spindle cover and can be restored. Would I try it out as is? Not a chance. I'd restore it before I even tried to use it.

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