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Well-known member
May 26, 2011
Jim Harder
Front crankshaft seal is bad. having the pto clutch off i am wondering if i used a slide hammer and a couple screws can I remove it or do I just take the front cover off? Thanks Jim
There are cheap seal pullers generally available. You may have to modify (grind) for Kohler use.

As an alternative, the Ks used to have room for two seals IIRC. Does anyone know if the KTs have enough room to just push the old one back, and install a new one right in front of it?
I think if you do that you will block the oil passage for the crank on the closure plate and then have other issues.
Screw a coarse thread drywall screw into the seal as close to the crank as possible, no more than a few threads and pull out the seal, you may need one opposite the other for stubborn seals...
Thanks Lewis. No oil passages on the single Ks. I'm still learning about this twin stuff.
I must be living right for a change. got a couple screws out and 2 small slide hammers a pry bar and 2 pair of vice grips. started the one screw and just as it was getting tighter the seal sun a little and was in my lap. Thanks