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Keeping my deck up on the 128

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Feb 22, 2022
Northumberland, Pennsylvania
Hi folks- I've tried to do some quick searching on this topic, and I must not be searching the correct terms. I had this problem both with my 129 and 128.

The manual deck adjustment lever moves freely when I push the botton down, but the hook at the bottom that is supposed to fit in the notches rotates from hitting the notches, and it's a pain to get it to engage at any height. What just started happening this week was when it would catch, as soon as I hit any kind of bump, the deck would fall to the ground. In summary, it's a PITA to select a height, and now it won't stay up in ANY position unless I'm on a dead-smooth surface.

Any help would be appreciated, or if there is another search term people have used to discuss this same topic... I'm all ears! Thanks for your time.
Tom, the button you push on top of handle unscrews from rod that extends to the bottom.common right thread..below that is a spring.It's a probable that spring has broken into small pieces..getting the button out is a bit challenging if the hard plastic is still on handle.The small release button on the side is NOT threaded,it is pressed in ...Once the top button is unscrewed the rod will drop down a few inches.Hopefully you can fish small pieces with a magnet ..CC specialties has the spring and a new button if needed....It is a bear to get upright tube out of holder if needed,I used a lot of heat and still scratched the tube..(it does have a spiral pin holding it in) ..I gave in and replaced the whole idea with an electric actuator to raise and lower the deck...


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Jack, here tis..the second try,first would not hold weight this stays where it's stopped..mounts come with it ,rocker switch comes also...very pleased for less than 100..I bolted direct to original lift


  • 20230423_140828.jpg
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ooops wrong pic..
My CC 102 not a good fit for your Recoil actuator. My lift rod is different from all other 100 series tractors....it would need (I think) to be replaced with a lift rod like yours.
I there someone out there who's done this.
Cheers, Jack


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Jack, I had a 147 that had a 5/16 flat piece that bolted to the lower shaft, like a muffler clamp.It originally had an elec.act..A little imagination can go a long ways and get you in too trouble too...