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'85 782 carb # for original K17

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Well-known member
Oct 2, 2013
Northern NEW YORK
Tony Hoffman
Tug kind of let me down today. It ran great all winter and fine a week ago. This morning, a little hard starting, had to fiddle with the Choke which I never have to do. Even after it was warm, it just wasn't happy. I nursed it along to accomplish what I needed. Just wondering, before I pull it off, if there was just one carb that was piton the K17 in '85. I had the carb apart about 10 years ago... Just cleaned it up and reinstalled ran great until this morning. It revs up quick and sharp so I'm guessing,
fuel pump is not the issue. While running it has a low sound bubbly sound. A low tone popping. If I knew the part number of the carb I can relearn the three adjustment screws. Idle screw is obvious bit the other two, I'm not sure of any more.
On a Carter/Kohler fully adjustable carb, the mixture screw on the top is the main high speed mixture screw. The mixture screw angled on the side is for the idle. Make sure the high speed adjustment is performed before the idle, and the adjustment is done with the engine fully warm.
Update.. Took the carb off. ONLY numbers to be with founding body was 5247805.
The holes in main jet/needle valve looked clear, emulsion tube holes looked clear, bowl had no 'crap' in it. The angled needle valve looked clean. So, no smoking gun here. Sprayed everything with carb cleaner, blew it dry, reassembled.
A couple of cranks to get fuel in the bowl and Tug runs happy again.
My only thought is that the engine is bad on blow-by threw the breather. Maybe enough oil drained down to get in the way of some of the tiny holes in emulsion tube and main jet. I added a tube to run the Breather outside of the air cleaner.

1811CUB, this carb has three adjustment screws.. Vertical= main high speed, horizontal= idle screw and angled, which must be Low idle air. The previous owner(s), we're hard on both needles. The tips are a bit chewed.


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