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What is the heat tolerance on that insulation? I would hate to see it melt and run down all over that purdy motor! :yikes:
Well, after a few workouts with the engine temp approaching 200F, and subsequent heat soak exceeding that, the insulation has not melted or distorted in any way. I think it is every bit as good if not better than the original material used Kubota/Cub Cadet. I will update further if something changes.
Needs some help. I have a 1282, 682, 782D all cubs have a problem with the oil pressure plugs which there are two on each trans releases and spews oil out of the tiny pin hole at the top. I use the correct Hy Trans oil and Cub oil filter. When oil releases it is only from one plug. What could case this?? Any troubleshooting tips are appreciated. Could this be caused by dirty oil and oil filter? Any adjustment etc.


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Been a couple years but as I recall it was $75/pr return shipping included.
You might want to check with them though 1st.
I have had several sets done by them
They do both styles.
I believe they sell on the Bay as well.
The cut them apart and replace all the innards then weld them back together
Is Manhtech still in business? I can't find their website anymore. They used to have a nice website that had all there pricing information and instructions on sending in relief valves for rebuild. They also had a nice selection of parts they made for Cub Cadets as well like brass buttons for front PTO clutches and cam follower bolts for Ross steering units at reasonable prices.