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  1. mfrade

    Dad’s 100

    front weights of a cub were used for rear weights on a cub cadet if I remember right.
  2. mfrade

    Pull Type Sickle Bar Mower

    nice job mr. funk.. crafty of you.
  3. mfrade

    125 in Great Shape

    Robert wrote " WI & IL border 3 miles west of Lake MI"
  4. mfrade

    Restored vintage cub cadet 100

    Isn't that Harry's 169? LOL
  5. mfrade

    Model 70 custom

    how do you get on it? Is it hard or clumsy??
  6. mfrade

    K301 crank movement

    At the very top of the stroke ( and bottom) the arc is really narrow. So you don't have a lot of vertical movement, mostly horizontal as the crankshaft comes around. This and any freeplay in the bearings magnify the effect.
  7. mfrade

    K301 crank movement

    Yes, it's normal and yes it is partly the "slop".. (slop being a technical term!) LOL
  8. mfrade

    1450 resto

    Helps when I include the link! Cub Cadet FAQ
  9. mfrade

    1450 resto

    Welcome to the site, Charlie, aka Digger, has all the parts you'll need. Here is another useful link.
  10. mfrade

    Starter engagement issues

    Yes, when it actually drives the engine over! I think the bendix actually works partially. The internal clutch probably slips when warm/hot. IF as you say... it extends perfectly fine every time... ( Which I REALLY DOUBT) the history with these says otherwise. That's just my opinion...
  11. mfrade

    Model 70 custom

    That's cool , I like it.
  12. mfrade

    For Sale, motors, decks snow cab.

    Where are you located?
  13. mfrade

    CATS Stray, Feral, Housebound, Declawed, and Otherwise

    We had a cat that would catch birds but would carry them into the house hidden in her mouth! Then she'd jump up onto the couch or a Lay z Boy and then start to have lunch. Mom would screech and all hell would break loose! Who ever let the cat in without checking would catch hell! LOL..
  14. mfrade

    CATS Stray, Feral, Housebound, Declawed, and Otherwise

    great photos David. With a bunny huh? Does he do that often?
  15. mfrade

    Useful tips / vids / how-to's and whatnot

    True - the blades pitch sets the direction, unless they change rotation direction.