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Well-known member
IHCC Supporter
Mar 31, 2012
Eastern Iowa
David Schwandt
Cub Cadet 124 w/deck, headlights, IH 3 point rear lift, and newer seat.
Dirty/dusty but in really good shape. Been sitting for several years untouched in dry storage.
Located near Elizabeth, CO about 45 mi. SE of Denver
Older gentleman, not internet savvy
Contact me via PM if interested, I will furnish contact info
NOT MINE!, found by Les on on one of his deliveries yesterday.
I know Cubs must be scarce in CO!
Just passing along the info is all.


  • colorado cub 1.jpg
    colorado cub 1.jpg
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  • colorado cub 2.jpg
    colorado cub 2.jpg
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  • colorado cub 3.jpg
    colorado cub 3.jpg
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