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gary noblit

Well-known member
IHCC Supporter
Jul 22, 2020
A phone message from a stranger started it all.A skeptic I am with todays electronics....The offer was for an old Allis mower and normally I stay away from things I'm not familiar with to a point...Much discussion about how he got my name turned to the good side.The catch was he was leaving first thing in the morn.Wouldn't be back for a yr..So intrigued I said I'll be there asap. Much to my shock I was looking at an old Allis <built by Simplicity>,which I'm very familiar with...Ended up bringing home a 1966 B12 that had been garage stored for 30 yrs.No dents,tank emptied,even the armrest covers were still inplace...Like everything from that era ,very heavy built. Do I need it,of course not ,but it's hard to say no to an old machine looking for a savior.I will enjoy the resurrection.. just sharing !!


  • 20240419_200112(0).jpg
    3 MB · Views: 11
  • B12 allis.jpg
    B12 allis.jpg
    4.5 MB · Views: 0
It is a 12hp Briggs.The front shaft showing is direct drive on engine. old style single pin lift on back tied to deck/lift handle..Appears to be all original so far..choke cable broke and carb needs serious rebuild.Frame and drive system is all about Simplicity,they did a few for M.Wards as well..P.o. kept good records last new belts 1982. Just when you think there's nothing left but rusted heaps something like this pops up.. I am somewhat enthused !! He also had a 1964 Impala tucked away..( Already spoken for)
Ok guys,I got so enthused with this tractor I had to follow thru.It now runs,mows, and looks great,all in the same breath...Pretty awesome old Allis...If I can do this so can you!! For some reason the front pic won't show...


  • allis.jpg
    4.5 MB · Views: 0
  • 20240502_104647.jpgallis.jpg
    4.4 MB · Views: 0

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