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Tractor For Sale Shipping Cub Cadets via common carrier

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Fastenal does some freight shipping, a Cub might need to be palletized prior to arriving at the point of departure. Not sure if they do nationwide shipping or just regional, however. Good luck!
Last time I dealt with Fastenal, they said they would ship it, if it fit on a pallet that a fork lift can pick up and load. I shipped a modified pallet that had no problems in shipping.
You will probably have to drain all the fluids from it.
At least I know that pertains to transmissions etc. as I have shipped several and that was the case with those.
In the past I've used Freightquote dot com to ship a boxed up VW Rabbit convertible top. They go through the various companies and find the cheapest option. You'll probably have to put it on a pallet. Not sure about fluids. You'll also have to ship from a hub, and the receiving entity must have a loading dock. They got me at least 30% cheaper than I was able to find on my own. They downside is they will solicit business from you forEVER. I used them that one time in like 1997, and I'm ~still~ getting emails from them.
As far as shipping smaller stuff, I've also shipped with Greyhound. If you can box it up and it's less than 70 lbs (I think), then you can ship it on the 'Hound. They have to pick it up at the bus station is the trick.
Often a seller, like myself, will offer to meet a buyer at a convenient location midway or offer to deliver for a mileage fee or for fuel.
I have done several times and will continue to offer to do it foe a customer at times.