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ROCKFORD PLOW DAY April 14th, 2018

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I"m going to have to pass this time. Having found out what I'm gong to be spending on the house renovation to sell it has put my finances in a pinch.
Wheatland may have to stay home, we'll see. For now the 2072 is serviced and ready to roll.
I know everyone is keeping an eye on the forecast. It does not look promising. I will make a final decision by noon tomorrow

As much as I like to go plow with Travis, I'm pulling the plug on this weekend. Forecast isn't looking like fun plowing weather..... Work schedule has something to do with it as well (I'm driving 2 hours the exact wrong direction for work Friday AM....that turns 5 hours into 7 hours, and starting at noon.....) Also not thrilled about my open trailer and salt spray on the 782TD and plow (or trailer for that matter)......
This is a post I don't not want to make, but I'm going to postpone Plow Day until next spring. I'm not sure if it's actually going to snow or not, but it's going to be wet, windy, and cold. I will post a date when we get it figured out
I kinda figured that would happen.
Would have been miserable in the forecasted conditions.
Oh well, I still have 2 gardens to plow here in town anyway!!

Thanks anyway Travis!!
Think SPRING everyone!!
I did last night Dave...have a bean field north of my house that helps me scratch the moldboard urge...
I got my gardens done a few weeks ago.
I think I finally have the 12" Cat 0 dialed in. The new cutting edge made the difference. I sure wish the old blacksmith shop was still in existence here, I could have had the original one reworked.
I also used the 10" on the Cat 0 along with one of the adaptors that I build.
Rockford Iowa Plow Day
Rockford, IA ·

The date is set for Plow Day. It will be April 14th, 2018. There will be no rain date, and cancellation will be posted by Thursday at noon prior to the event.
This is good! Thanks to Travis & whomever else is involved in this - Digger perhaps? Got the hotel booked this morning. Rebuilt my plow tractor (again....) so it should be ready to go.
You can drive up front with Travis he has Green ones now
Digger - Whoops!
So Travis is driving off-topic stuff, too? Hmmm.... I'm hoping someone with yellow or red paint will at least be kind enough to tow my junk when it fails. Perhaps I've been watching too many episodes of Roadkill and Roadkill Garage to think my junk will survive the day.