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Pair of 1450's just got last week.

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Jan 10, 2010
Randy Kuik
just picked up a pair of 1450's last week. not sure what the plan of attack should be, all though i have time. the 4/75 is running, needs battery, hydr lift lever, muffler box, side shields. the 9/78 has no engine, but rest is there, however, the battery box is real bad. i am debating of moving the engine to the 78 as that has the more upgrades. or is that not wise? also interesting, the kind code on the 75 is 2050066U unlike what i see in FAQ that it should be either 0065 or 0660 for a 1450. anyone care to chime in on that? also on the kind code list, it says the 0660 is 1450 (HVC) what is the HVC?


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Randy - some where along the line the kind code ending 0066 got dropped off the list. I have it on a couple of my own lists but don't recall where I got the info previous to the Forum.

As for moving your engine, well I think I'd take the best of both units and put one together. I'd probably use the frame for the '78 since it would have the upgrades you probably want to keep. I think that would be things like 1" front spindles, better grade steering wheel (thicker ring which is more comfortable on your hands, and it also has a nice silver IH emblem center cap), and the updated clamp on the hydro lift lever. It should also have an updated decal on the removable center frame cover (that others may not realize).
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I bought a 1450 a couple of years ago, and last year I completely rebuilt it in what I refer to as my "Covid Tractor Project." Figured that if I was going to be sequestered at home, I might as well be productive. There is virtually no aspect of this 1450 that I didn't mess with in some way during the restoration, so if you have any questions or issues, feel free to pick my brain. I'm still meddling with things, and last week got a new muffler from CC Specialties. The single most important advice I can give you is to acquire printed versions of ALL manuals pertaining to the tractor, engine, equipment. I've got all of mine 3-ring punched and securely held in a large binder. That binder has pockets front and back, and that's where I stick things like receipts and sleeves for belts so I'll know what I need for replacements.

I painted my tractor and deck, and also replaced the decals. It looks pretty good, if I say so myself. However, it's a USER and not a SHOW-PIECE. So it's getting nicks and scratches. That's okay by me.
thank you for all your comments and help on the HVC. sad to know the 0066 is not a one of a kind, but life goes on. i guess having a 108 Garden Special is my one off. not sure how fast this will be a restore conversion as not retired yet, just tired, so they may sit in the shed for a while. thanks again.
update, pulled engine out of the 75, engine leaks all oil on left side, mouse nest under flywheel housing, so pulled apart. pulled head, it ate a carb to air cleaner screw sometime. not a everyday runner, so cleaned up, specked out clearances, replaced gaskets, cleaned up mounts and tractor w/fender assy off it. put engine in the 78 w/o drive shaft to make sure all worked. and it runs tonight. sounded pretty good. now for what it took to mount that engine w/those ISO mounts, is it easier to (fender/seat assy all off) pull the few bolts holding the rear end in place and roll back to get the driveshaft in place? i am almost believing yes.
well figured it out (drive spirol pin on drive flange) how to get drive shaft in place w/o loosening the engine or splitting the trans out &, got it driving. After warmed, dropped the rear cover to drain what ever they had in the trans & spun off the dented hydro filter. replaced filter w/a NOS 395789R2 filter, poured in HYTRAN and took it for a ride.
I think I’m going to like my 1450 also. Runs good and I will get my rear lift on this week hopefully. What drove me crazy about the engine mounts was the 2 over the front axle. I mounted the cradle and then bolted the engine to it on the tractor. Took me almost 3 days of trying and walking away to get the left side started. Was very happy when it caught some threads.
Another question I have is is there a spacer on the carburetor behind the air filter housing. I’m going to have to put one on mine. Air filter housing rubs and holds against my throttle and choke cables and linkage.
Update, got the 78 running and all together. Basically a driver at shows. Steering a little loose as steer box is cracked, will have to swap out some day. Still in its work clothes. I moved the lift lever to the left side, much handier. Runs great


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Nice! Some day I may have a 1450 that I keep, I have owned 3 of them, all in poor condition, traded 1 for a 149, parted the other 2. I know of one in a shed needing a motor, or needing to repair it. And I think its a dual stick unit, I haven't seen it in 10+ years.
I added power steering to my 1450 back when I used to have a loader on it and moved the lift lever to the left side. I sold a few of my other 1450s but the power steering makes this one so nice to drive that even though the others were in nicer shape, I've kept this one to work around the yard, but have been using it less than I used to. This year I haven't even removed the 60 gallon sprayer from the back.