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Hello from Alaska!

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New member
Jun 4, 2024
Anchorage Ak
My son and I got a good deal on an older Cadet and are trying to figure out what year & model it is. I think any previous serial numbers have been painted over. Any ideas where to scratch? Thanks.
I would guess a Model 100 from what i can see. Look on the right side of the transmission housing for numbers stamped into the casting.
Here is what we found. Is it just the top number that is the serial number? 121579? I think the bottom reads 12151?
I believe it's 121579. It sorta looks like someone tried to stamp it twice, like there wasn't enough room for the complete number on the first attempt. 121579 means it was built in May of 1965 so it has to be a model 70 (if it's 7hp) or a model 100 if it's 10hp. Pretty certain it's a 100 from what I can see in your first pic. If you can post a little more from the side we can see more of the engine and tell for certain.

Ooh, and here's a thought to remember:
Old Cubs Never Die, they just find another resting place.
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