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102 starter generator questions

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Paul Raymond

Active member
Aug 2, 2021
New York
Last winter my starter/generator was intermitantly charging.I didn't think much of it till spring when I removed the snow blower and saw whips of smoke coming from it.I popped the end cap off thinking maybe brushes,but the armature windings look overheated and I can't find anyone close by to test and/or rewind it.My stater has serial number 1101692.
I see some on ebay with differant serial numbers,question is are they basically all interchangable? I do plan on replacing the regulator at the same time.

Paul, I've learned the hard way not all s/g turn the same direction tho they look identical.Some are mounted to face of engine some are on the back...There are still many auto elec. repair shops...Just recently had one rebuilt for $70. versus 200 for new....2 inside parts matter: brushes and magnets ,occasionally magnets break
I am aware of cw and ccw rotation.I am more worried about the armature windings that look overheated. I haven't found any electrical shop nearby that could test it for me to be sure it's ok.

Thanks for the reply
There is a list of S/G model numbers in FAQ #72, but surprisingly Paul's number is not there. I'm thinking some of the numbers on the list may have been transposed, but at least there is a list of numbers.
There are also businesses that rebuild electric motors (new windings). They may be able to fix it for you also.

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