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  1. TOdoubleD740

    Parts Wanted Factory taillights

    Not sure what the difference is, but Grote 45432 works too.. I have one on the back of my 125 and it's a perfect fit. :) Pretty cheap on Amazon, especially if you have Prime. I picked up a couple there back in 2019 and they still got them in stock. ;)
  2. TOdoubleD740

    Basket case rescue - my 125's journey

    Thanks guys! Yep, exactly.. the 1200 is a custom "mashup" of sorts. I love the look of the earlier 1x8/9 Wideframe cubs, more so than the Quietlines, so I decided to "convert" it for s#its & giggles. I have the 1x8/9 headlight panel & repro decal for that too, but it needs totally redone, which...
  3. TOdoubleD740

    Basket case rescue - my 125's journey

    Got a good bit accomplished today.. Quite a few more things knocked off the to-do/install list on the ol' 125. Spring assist, Rear lift, tail light (plus the rear cover under the seat that the taillights affixed to, missing in my previous pictures/first post) and backlit Ammeter wiring is...
  4. TOdoubleD740

    Basket case rescue - my 125's journey

    @jkoenig Thanks! I'm currently running Hi-Run 16X6.50-8 front tires & Deestone 23x10.5-12 rear tires on the 125. I also have some brand new Vredestein V61 16X6.50-8 170/60-8 6-Ply 5-Rib front tires & Carlisle Tru Power 23x10.5-12 rear tires that aren't mounted up yet, but I'll probably put...
  5. TOdoubleD740

    Basket case rescue - my 125's journey

    Here's my beloved 125.. It's been a long journey, from a complete hack job/basketcase that I bought back in 2012, to the well-oiled, restored machine that it is today! It had been poorly spray bombed with some horrific shade of light yellow and had some weird homemade hood on it. It was in...
  6. TOdoubleD740

    Cubs in the collection, thus far..

    Here's my cubs, more for personal documentation purposes than anything (plus the ihregistry site seems to be dead). Doubt anyone would steal one of these, but you never know! 😉 1968 IH Cub Cadet 125 Bought in 2012 - Restored 2019-2022 Serial #: 258125 Freshly rebuilt K301a w/rev 2...
  7. TOdoubleD740

    Howdy from Ohio!

    Hey gang, figured I'd post here and finally introduce myself. I actually tried joining this forum way back in 2013, shortly after I got my first Cub, but the application didn't go through, due to some goofy technical issues and totally forgot about it, until recently. I've learned a ton over the...