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  1. Mark Evans

    Snagged this yesterday on a whim

    It maybe the rings stuck and need to run a quart of dextron trans fluid through the carb in the intake to clean up the piston rings and valves and reduce the head carbon clean out the old gas and start using non-ethanol premium it will help, the only cleaner to work great in top end is trans...
  2. Mark Evans

    Tractor For Sale Cub Cadet Model 107 plus implements for sale

    Is the blade for sale and price and what state are you in I’m in upper Texas panhandle I got a 782 with a KT18 magnum in it and Hydraulic drive and extra plug-in hydraulic quick attachment lines !!!! Could use an original blade SIR !!!!
  3. Mark Evans

    New to me "sad" 782, so I will need lots of help here

    Check the Plug wires for strength on current and coil too, grounding on engine to frame !!!
  4. Mark Evans

    New to me "sad" 782, so I will need lots of help here

    Be careful on the filters some are to big and won’t clear the rag joints on driveshaft and fan blades, and will rub holes in the filter!!!! Good luck on a great mower SIR !!!
  5. Mark Evans

    1782 pto belt tensione?

    Check all pulleys for size it’s the speed rate should be right and all bearings solo, then check for dry bearings, and the bearing in PTO clutch also !!!!
  6. Mark Evans

    44A Deck spindles

    Or pig manure in the grass is eats everything all up !!! High nitrates !!
  7. Mark Evans

    Hello from upstate NY

    Mine on the 782 44c deck worked better with the brackets straightened out and hitting in line with belt feed and let the belt keep in line !!!
  8. Mark Evans

    782d battery

    Schooling on reverse diode on ground to take care of back feed is helpful on heave electric clutches and other power feeds !!! For when the power is cut it has a Delta inversion happen in feed back can cause fires, or battery explosion ! !!!!!!!
  9. Mark Evans

    782d battery

    If getting to much heat need a bigger cable size and heavier ends to handle current!!!
  10. Mark Evans

    Hello from upstate NY

    It looks like the main shaft is a little bent and both pulley brackets bent also needs parts straightened !!!!
  11. Mark Evans

    IH 500C dozer, 1969

    Some of final drive parts and third member parts, the pinion is very hard to find, take extra care in setting up all parts, RIGHT an Ol Cat Mech. From N.W. Okla/North Texas Panhandle M.D. (OlHoss) Evans !!!! That one is very handy machine you’ll love it a LOT !!!! Handy as a D-3 cat !!!!! Good...
  12. Mark Evans

    44A Deck spindles

    A company called Magna Welding out of Wichita, Kansas has the best hard surfacing rod two coat blades or plowshares with !!!! Mark E.
  13. Mark Evans

    Iron Gard Questions

    Be light on the pearl and go light on flake and shoot test sheets and dry to View and then decide remember to use a small amount of fish eye and screen the start paint and water needs dealt with in compressor air !!!! It will make it pop stay with the outer sheet metal on the sparkle and pearl !!!!
  14. Mark Evans

    Need a 782 hood ornament !!!

    Yes it was had a KT 18 magnum in it also 👍👍👍