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    Loader tractor build - Research & Suggestions

    The blue line is actually hiding the yellow brace, it can be seen in the photo of my brother operating the loader.
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    Loader tractor build - Research & Suggestions

    I actualy used that loader so much that the pin holes on the bucket was worn egg shape, than tractor and loader sat in barn for close to 10 years before I sold the loader, but I kept the tractor.
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    Loader tractor build - Research & Suggestions

    I belive it was a Easton pump, purchased from hardware store. Oil tank was mounted on the back of tractor, see black box in photo.
  4. L

    Loader tractor build - Research & Suggestions

    Wish I would have thought of taking photos during the build, but I did build a loader for my old cc72. The bucket was a Swisher ATV bucket sold at farm & fleet years ago. Don't have the loader anymore, and been thinking of building another.
  5. L

    CC Specialties

    A year ago, parked my than hyperactive green Jeep Renegade at farm & fleet, came out of store, walked up to car and door would not open. Puzzled I looked around and damn if I was at the wrong car, mine was right on the other side.
  6. L

    plow lock ?

    What I did after bending the lift rod for the umpteenth time was to weld a length of angle iron to the rod.
  7. L


    On the 3235 there is a foot pad to step on and push down, locking the rear diff.
  8. L

    My 106 needs some giddy up and go

    If the driveshaft is moving in and out at the transmission, the roll pin is most likely broken and needs replacement.
  9. L

    CLEAN Jokes

    Bout spilled my brandy.
  10. L

    122 blade

    On the 122 I had, it used the bottom lift arm in your photo.
  11. L

    Unexpectedly my son pased away.

    Received the worst news any parent can get. Last Sunday my oldest son passed away suddenly whe out enjoying life, he had just turned 38 last month. Word is it was a heartattck. Life for me will never be the same.
  12. L

    Gear driven or Hydro Driven

    You been talking to my wife again I see, and telling all my secrets.
  13. L

    Gear driven or Hydro Driven

    Given the choice, I would have a gear drive over a hydrostatic as the good lord did not see fit to provide me with a 3rd arm to control the hydrostatic transmission lever.