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  1. J

    127 vs Murphy's Law

    Murphy struck again during reassemble. Bought a new after-market rag joint to connect hydro to drive shaft. BUT when I tried to reconnect the hydro I was a 1/4 inch short. I was home alone and could not get the leverage to get even one bolt started. Pry bars and prayers didn't help any more...
  2. J

    127 vs Murphy's Law

    That's the one. Mine had a clean yellow spec in the pit of the bend that made me stop and ask for help before throwing it in the vice and straighten it out. Mega thanks to you. I also got the pedal shaft out of the frame. It took almost a full bottle of propane to heat up the cast iron...
  3. J

    127 vs Murphy's Law

    Thank you Marty. It just so happens that my grandson & I were at our local Fleet Farm (large midwest general store with a farmer attitude) swapping out the battery Murphy had worked his magic on. On the way out we walked down the hand tool isle and noticed the set of roll pin punches right at...
  4. J

    Back with more from Green Bay

    It's been a while since I've been checking out the forums. Life happens, i guess. I started out in 2008 with an inherited a not running 106 with functioning mower, snow blower and tiller. A simple carb cleaning and rebuild kit and I was bit. Our first winter together I realized 1st gear was...
  5. J

    127 vs Murphy's Law

    Finished rebuilding the K301 and installed it back into its home in my 127 a few weeks ago. It took awhile to figure out where everything goes as most of the ink on the location tags faded badly after waiting 3 years. Finally fired it up and it ran great on the first try. After warming it up...